Managed vs Unmanaged VPS

Managed vs Unmanaged VPS

Virtual Private Server(VPS) is more and more popular choice because of the advanced requirements from webmaster. However, not everybody fully understand the service and always have to switch over again and again.. Here we will give out some basic explanations for different types VPS plans and compare two of the most popular ones — Managed and Unmanaged VPS.

What's VPS? It means the hosting provider divide a single dedicated server into multiple virtual machines via some virtulization technologies like Vmware, OpenVZ and XEN etc. Each VPS machine works independently with its own operation system, we can install softwares and run server side tasks just the same as on actual computers. From hosting company, they always configure multiple service plans with different features such as managed vps, unmanaged vps and semi-managed vps plans. But, what does that exactly mean? If we're going to choose either service, we must understand it properly.

Managed VPS. Idealy, the hosting company will be responsible for side by side support on the server such as security update, server maintenance and all stuff. However it varies a lot in actual service offer. Most of the time it's only available with a control panel and customer manage services under the GUI interface without having to deal with command line, that's how hosting company explains "managed" in their words. Unlike the expected level support, the host might do nothing unless requested. We will have to monitor the VPS ourselves.

Unmanaged VPS. Just prepared with pre-installed OS with SSH or remote desktop connection enabled server. With unmanaged vps, we are responsible for everything on the server such as software configurations, maintenance and any other trouble shooting work. Because no hosting control panel available, most working is done via SSH connections.

Semi-managed vps. Actually this type service doesn't exist in live hosting plans. Even it's something between the above two services, I can only expect extra support from hosting groups. As for now, it's not a popular term any more for most service provider.

Managed vs Unmanaged VPS

which is suitable for me? As learned from above explanation, if we're professional in server managing and be able to configure all stuff well on server, unmanaged server is good enough and it will reduce our budget a lot. But most of the time, people just need a more powerful server for growing up website, they don't want to manage the server or spend lots of time in learning it. In such case, managed would be right choice since it will help us setup services in quick time. There's no bad for either service, we just need to choose the best one with our needs. There's no need to debate which is better and which is not.

Best VPS server plans

We introduced several popular vps providers on this vps hosting posting. But we would like to give out a new list on this holiday special. – Affordable managed VPS server with standard configurations. The arvixe VPS plans include both windows on websitepanel and linux on cpanel. The arvixe vps servers come with leading offers like free domain name registration and unlimited data transfer etc.

IXwebhosting – IX VPS servers are Actually some kind cloud platform based, there we have choice to use cpanel or plesk. Or we can choose to use neither and sign up as unmanaged server! For now, IX offers holiday's promotion where we can save 50% for the first month service of X4 plan.

Greengeeks – Leading green hosting provider with affordable vps server plans. There're multiple vps solutions from greengeeks and we can choose to sign up managed or unmanaged. Price is as low as $19.95/mo, we can even get further discount by applying their promo codes!

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