Top Budget VPS Hosting Unveiled

top budget vps hosting

We have been trying to get a full list of the budget vps hosting plans on the net and evaluate one by one. Althoug we do not have that time to test out all, we do get a good list of some great vps hosting providers with great price. If you're looking for super cheap vps server with relatively reliable service, you should check out this list. Let's find out what they're today.

What does budget vps hosting mean?

Price is definitely the biggest concern for budget vps. There're many quality vps hosting companies but their products are not affordable to many start users. For someone who wants to learn about server managing skills, a low price server plan is expected because we don't have to worry about the paying and server side configuration. However, the budget vps servers also come with industry standard configuration & support.

Budget VPS is always provided as unmanaged with root access, you manage all stuff by ssh connecion. With budget vps hosting service, you have to be familiar with server management in order to use the server properly.

Top Budget VPS Hosting list

Here it is!

BurstNET –Featured hosting provider from Inc 500 list. BurstNET VPS is designed for client who like to get the highest quality and reliability in server hardware, with the software and operational features of a dedicated server—all at a price closer to that of Virtual Hosting. Price starts with only $5.95/mo

BurstNET site

DirectSpace –DirectSpace has been a leader in providing customers with the lowest per Mb pricing on the net. After years of business development, the DirectSpace now offers full hosting solutions including shared, VPS and dedicated server hosting. How much we pay? Budget vps only $2/mo!

DirectSpace site

SemoWeb –A featured budget OpenVZ vps provider. The SemoWeb is reliable because of their RAID 10 protected drives and world class datacenters. All vps servers are configured with the best and most maintained virtualization. $3.5/mo to try out.

SemoWeb site

VolumeDrive –Pretty affordable server provider. The VolumeDrive has a wide number of solutions, for both personal and enterprise solutions. It's also probably the only one who can offer 50GB space and 1GB RAM with only $4.95/mo!

VolumeDrive site

So you may ask how do they profit? Can we trust their service? Well, for the first question, I checked their service structures and contacted their support. The secret of being profitable is based on two methods –offering an affordable upgrade plan from these base plans and earn from a big amount sales! (For example we need pay extra for cpanel support)

So basically, they profit less than competitors on single order because of the price but they profit more on the huge sales! So the answer of question two is yes. Just try out with several bucks and you won't lose anything.

What's budget VPS server good for?

So do we recommend because of the affordable products? Well that really depends. Just return to head of this article, the purpose of such server plans are designed for web masters who like to learn about server management for low cost. The original purpose determined the actual server deployment. If we really take the VPS as fully dedicated server and introduce heavy usage to it, it'll surely to be determinated. When we pay those service we should understand what we're going to do and keep ourselves in safe place.

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