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hyper-v hosting

The requests of VPS server has been increasing because more and more business are going online with fast growing up. Choosing a quality vps server provider is the primary work for webmaster. Here I would like to introduce one of the best Virtual server product – Hyper-V and the best hosting provider.

Hyper-V Introduction

Hyper-V is a virtual server product from Microsoft. It is an integral part of windows server and provides a foundational virtualization platform that enables you to transition to the cloud. It's also the Microsoft first attempt to use hypervisor based technology like Vmware and Xen. Means Hyper-V will compete with the leading products directly but might be in different ways. The newest release of Hyper-V server 2008 R2 is a stand-alone product which allows you to consolidate workloads onto a single physical server. It's the best if you're running a cloud computing service.

Hyper-V VPS Hosting Advantages

Because Hyper-V is the newest name in virtual server products, it brought us a great list of advantages. Especially for those who have been used to Microsoft windows platform, Hyper-V is probably the best solution. Here's a list of several outstanding features

  1. Windows Server 2008 – Hyper-V is Based on the microsoft best server OS – Windows Server 2008 R2. The hyper visor sits between the physical hardware and the host operating system and enables the physical hardware to be virtualized and therefore we can run multiple different operating systems.
  2. Resource allocations – The technique makes it possible for physical hardware to be used very efficiently. The resources (CPU, memory and disk) can easily be added to different virtual machines on the fly!
  3. Across Platform compatibility – Except for multiple different OS support, we can easily migrate the VPS instance from other solutions like Vmware. It's completely risk free process
  4. Safe and Reliable – Hyper-V uses an architecture with a bus structure. Because the virtualization is built into Windows Server 2008 which has strong safety policies. Plus, we can define the security level from VPS creation.
  5. Basically, the Hyper-V is a safe and efficient server virtualization system that offers the best solution within a hosting environment.

Best Hyper-V VPS server hosting

There would be lots of hosting companies with hyper-v support. However, unless you can afford the service from those world class server providers, I highly recommend the arvixe and myhosting hyper-v hosting.

The arvixe hyper-v vps server comes with 30GB disk space and 1536 MB RAM for start. We only need to pay $30/mo with everything pre-configured for example the popular websitepanel, sql server 2008 express and php/mysql etc. The hyper-v server with arvixe is 100% managed with all necessary tools

arvixe hyper-v hosting

Myhosting advantage would be their price. With around $25/mo we get almost the same features from arvixe. The difference is there's no bandwidth limits from arvixe while it's 300 ~ 600 GB on myhosting server. If you have a heavy traffic site you might purchase extra bandwidth or upgrade to higher plan. Make sure to evaluate carefully about your website requirements.

Hyper-V vs Vmware

Both Hyper-V and Vmware are leading virtualization products. The Vmware has long history in server virtualization field and has been leading the industry with their various products such as Workstation, VSphere etc. Generally speaking, the Vmware products can meet the requirements for both personal and enterprise groups. Back to Hyper-V, we need relatively high standards server to make everything working perfect. It's mainly designed for enterprise solution. If you would like to learn more about their difference and advantages you can check this page for a detailed comparison: Microsoft hyper-v R2 vs vmware vsphere

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