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Can You Benefit From HostingCon?

hostingcon pros and cons

Hostingcon is held each year in north American and being recognized the most important conference in hosting industry. All major web hosting providers, server and technologies providers will join it to show up their services and discuss some major events of the year. Because it's an exhibition, everybody can visit and meet your potential service providers in real person. But how does the hostingcon help individual users? This article tells the real use of this conference by comparing both pros and cons.

Pros of HostingCon

Meet Hosting Providers in Real Person

Because of the good advertising by operation teams. Most major web hosting companies will attend the conference. Especially for those web hosts located in North American, they will not miss the opportunity to show up their service for better business. If you like to discuss with your hosting company support team more efficiently, you can meet them in real person from the exhibition. Especially when you got a complex question or enquiry to their service, hostingcon is the best place.

Newest Technologies/Service exhibition

Absolutely, every exhibitor will bring their newest technology and service plans to the conference. If you're providing IT services to clients, you can check out the newest available solutions for better service offers. Also, by introducing the newest technologies to your service, you will win better success than your competitors.

Compare Different Providers in Reality

Looking for the most suitable hosting solution but not sure how to choose by online research? Congratulations! Hostingcon will give you chance to compare different providers in real world. You don't have to read how people talking about, you can check with their team directly and decide the best choice after compared a bunch of providers. It's extremely helpful when you have special requirements to hosting services, hostingcon will get most providers there for you so you can pick up the perfect choice.

Get the Best Deal by offsite promo

Promotion is a MUST for every exhibitors during the 3 days exhibition. You might have found various promo from online search, but you will find it's hard to find such high rates on the exhibition. If you're going to invest on web hosting in short time, you should not miss the great opportunity for big saving.

Cons of HostingCon

We read the big advantages of hostingcon from above. But what would be the cons regardless how it's being promoted? Well, I have to say, the hostingcon is not an traditional exhibition like foods or electric affairs. Hostingcon is specialized in web hosting industry that has less cross over other fields. So generally it doesn't come with large scale comparing to other exhibitions. Basically, you can find the following weak points especially from personal webmaster view.

Mainly joined by hosting providers

The hostingcon is held yearly but it's mainly attended by major hosting groups and equipments providers. It's more like a group meeting among different providers. Also, since it's held in American, for people from Europe or Asia areas, most of them do not have the chance to get involved. Also, if you're personal website users, you would not be interested with this affair. For what reason you are encouraged to attend? Because you want to learn about the leading technologies or super discounts? I think there's no need for personal hosting users. You just want to get your simple website working but don't care who what kind of technique being used on the server.

IT groups will benefit Mostly

Because of the above explanation, only IT groups will benefit more from the conference because they need to work closely with various providers like hardware/software vendors and security solutions. They keep their eyes on each updates of the industry. Reliability and security is mostly needed for their service thus they always attend lots of industry conference then apply the newest solutions to their networks.


Hostingcon is great if you're running an IT group or have big requirements to hosting service. You will see the newest technologies and equipments to improve your service. Most of the time you just do online communication to upstream vendors, but you can meet most of them in real person in the exhibition. But you will not benefit much if you just need a simple web hosting plan to power your blog or forum sites.

Anyhow, being the most important conference in hosting industry, hostingcon will bring us the newest development results. Hosting providers will learn on how to improve themselves after compared to the strongest competitors. So finally, their clients will receive better service maybe with better price. Hostingcon is actually encouraging all providers to improve their products for more healthy

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Arvixe one cent coupon

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Arvixe has been gold sponsor of lots of open source projects like Concrete5, Nopcommerce and Opencart etc. However, since many novice might not heard the arvixe brand, they will feel hard to choose and always do research on google. It definitely cut lots of chance for people to try out the arvixe great service. To convert each visitor to customer, arvixe proudly to announce the almost free deal – 1 cent for 30 days hosting! This offer will absolutely clear out all people's doubts and give them chance to try out the best web hosting deals on the planet.

About Arvixe Web Hosting

Arvixe has been leading web hosting providers since 2003. Their business revenue increased more than 1000% from 2008 to 2012. The arvixe free work style sent their support team to everywhere of United States with professional and responsive customer caring. Arvixe is also awarded the best web hosting support by our several years experience for 50+ reputable hosting brands. Till present, arvixe provides web hosting solutions via shared/VPS/Dedicated hosting plans. Both linux and windows platforms are available for each hosting plans. Their affordable price is as cheap as $4/month. Based above arvixe coupon codes, you can even reduce the cost to $2.8/mo!

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Hostgator Migrates to New DCs

Hostgator migrate to new datacenter

Recently, websites hosted on hostgator servers are experiencing some frequent downtime or connection failure. You might find FTP not working, website files missing and domain IP address changing etc.. Although there's no official announcement about what's happening there, we finally found they're moving datacenters. Means to migrate out Softlayer to somewhere else.

About Hostgator Group

For very a long time, hostgator has been leading and reputable brand in web hosting industry. Their hosting features and structures are followed by many other hosting groups. Till present, hostgator is still the largest reseller hosting provider and one of the biggest web hosting providers with 8 millions clients served. The hostgator datcenter is powered by Softlayer which is the largest datacenter provider, hostgator actually uses half of SL spaces with hundreds and thousands of servers. In 2011, hostgator was sold to Endurance for $225 Million USD as confirmed by CEO Brent Oxley. However everything has been kept with no change till recent periods.

About Hostgator Migration to New DCs

There's no official updates about where they're migrating to. But by analyzing the IP ranges from new server locations, it seems they're moving into the Bluehost datacenters which is 100% managed by their own staffs. As we know, bluehost is also part of EIG, but they got 3 world class datacenters setup in Utah before merged into endurance. Obviously, the business transfer have the datacenters included because bluehost host all their servers in their own DC. Since endurance already took over the management, it's reasonable for them to migrate servers there since there're lots of free space left.

About Bluehost Datacenters

bluehost dcThere're total of 3 tier 4 datacenters created by bluehost group in Utah. The DCs take over 20,000 square feet space wtih UPS power, diesel generators, and multiple 10 gigabit fiber connections to locations all over the world. Their tech team is monitoring in each datacenters directly for urgent maintainance. Thus if a problem occurs they don’t use outsourced services and handle issues by themselves in the earliest time. Instead using any existing server platform and configuration, bluehost use inhouse developed linux kernel and deeply optimized for production server purpose. Their founder Matt Heaton is actually professional system developer and he's the leader of the popular project "Betterlinux". So basically, the bluehost datacenters are equipped with leading hardware/software specifications and be able to meet up with the modernized requirements.

About Endurance Datacenter

endurance dcThe endurance group mainly operate one datacenter in Massachuseets which is located on east coast of USA. There's no much information about their datacenter configurations because everything is handled by their inhouse team. However, from the live feedbacks by existing users, they seem to have configured very stable system. By check with their professionals, we learnt they configured cloud storage for all hosting servers with RAID 10 array. They have 24×7 server guards and advanced cooling system with UPS power backups to ensure 100% network uptime. This datacenter is currently powering over 50 popular hosting brands including ipage, fatcow, ipower and all over Vdeck control panel based hosting services. They might have migrated all smaller hosting brands to this datacenter for central management.

Why Endurance Migrate Hostgator to New DC?

Absolutely it's because of the leading datacenter specifications. The bluehost datacenters were setup by following the top standards and modernized requirements by IT industry in the next 30 years. There's no bad of Softlayer, however, endurance will simply pay lots of renting fees while there's lots of free space to use from bluehost DCs. So, from any point of view, it's smart choice to move out. The bluehost datacenter has been running reliably and performing good for years. After migrated there, both bluehost and hostgator clients will benifit more since they will handle everything more professionally. In this way, they can take advantage of the optimized datacenter structure and server systems and deliver better service to people.

Things you need pay attention to

Because they just started the migration, it's normal to see some kind downtime or short periods service failure because there'll be DNS propagation to new servers. If you are experiencing any problem, make sure to contact their support in time so they will handle your account with extra effort and make sure your business is always online.

Bluehost Dedicated Server Hosting Reviews

Bluehost dedicated server hosting

We have completed the evaluation and testing of Bluehost dedicated server beta offer yesterday and would like to share our experience and reviews to their server. The general score we give out is A+ based their dedicated server configurations, performance and after sale support.

The bluehost dedicated server beta offer was started in the end of March and provided by "invite only". I guess there're lots of application during that period so they were busy in preparing servers, we waited about 3 days to get server access.

Bluehost Dedicated Server Specifications

The bluehost Dedicated servers are Intel Xeon powered with i3/i5/i7 processers. All server configurations are fully automated with instant provisioning. All dedicated server users will get free cpanel and free domain name offer to automate your server setup. From bluehost official announcement, their dedicated servers come with following advantages:

  • Instant Provisioning – The bluehost dedicated servers are fully automated to be up and running in seconds. You can get your server up almost instantly.
  • Root Access – You will get 100% root access to CentOS server and manage all server tasks by your own.
  • Single Sign-on – You will be able to manage your entire account/services from a single login.
  • Dedicated Support – Exclusive line for Dedicated Server customers, getting you expedited help when you need it.
Server Plans Dedicated Standard Dedicated Enhanced Dedicated Premium
CPU (GHz/cores/cache) 2.3/2/3 MB 2.5/4/8 MB 3.3/4/8 MB
Memory 4 8 16
Disk Storage 2 x 500 2 x 1000 2 x 1000
Monthly BW 5 TB 10 TB 15 TB
Free Domains 1 1 1
Free IPs 3 4 5
Free cPanel Yes Yes Yes
Price $74.99 $99.99 $124.99
3 Month Term $119.99 $156.66 $198.32
6 Month Term $122.49 $163.32 $204.16
12 Month Term $118.74 $161.66 $199.57

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Bluehost Dedicated Server Performance

The Bluehost Dedicated Server is created by KVM on OpenStack platform. New features and services can be added to the platforms on the fly to assure your business is always online and safe!

We tried to logon server from multiple locations by VPN, the connection speed is very fast comparing to most other server providers based our personal experience. It might be because of their newness and there's plenty of network bandwidth shared by very limited users concurrently.

However, regardless any doubts, Bluehost manages 3 world class datacenters in Utah that's powered by multiple tier 4 power supplies and UPS power backup. All server hardwares and datacenter specs are 100% managed by their tech team so in case any outage their professionals will be notified at the earliest time!

Bluehost vs Hostgator Dedicated server hosting

Hostgator and bluehost are always recognized the most reputable web hosting brands by professionals. They're the biggest competitor with each other. Now, since they both offer dedicated server plans, who offers better deal? Ok, here's the basic comparison to help determine the best deal.

Server Structures – Bluehost servers are created on the latest cloud computing platforms with KVM based. Hostgator dedicated server plans are created with traditional technologies based single server assembly.

Server Features – Bluehost dedicated servers are created with latest hardware production and high performance CPU/RAM plus free domain name. You also get free server managing tools like cpanel. On hostgator, you have multiple choice over server features. With hostgator dedicated server hosting, customer will get free billing software WHMCS or  WHM autopilot. Another advantage with hostgator is you have choice of windows OS and smarter boundle will be provided for free!

Network Performance – Bluehost fully manage their network/datacenters by themselves, means you will get instant solution once there's in need of assistance. All bluehost support staff are well trained to deal with complex server issues with years experience. Bluehost has dedicated support staff for dedicated server plans. Hostgator completely relies on softlayer to deliver their advantages. For this concern, bluehost will do better than hostgator.

Price value – Absolutely, the hostgator server is more expensive than bluehost on same level server configuration. If you don't mind the bluehost newness, you can feel safe to purchase with less cost.


Bluehost dedicated servers are better solution than hostgator based server features, network and customer support. You can claim unbeatable 50% off promo for leading server configurations and performance!

Claim bluehost dedicated servers with exclusive promo link at!

Inmotion Hosting Updates 2013

Inmotion Hosting updates 2013

Inmotion Hosting Just updated their official website yesterday with new looking as well as new hosting plan structures. In case you're their fans, it's highly recommended to check out the new interface and learn about their new offers. Like it? or dislike it? Just feel free to share your thoughts.

What's changed on inmotion hosting site?

In short, the inmotion hosting applied a new skin to their site and re-designed their hosting plans. The new interface is designed via HTML5 technologies which is more friendly to new devices. The home page is composed by image slider with their hosting service spotlights. They also introduced customer testimonials and new technologies in supporting clients and the communities. Furthermore, the provided more free credits in search marketing including google, yahoo, amazon etc. Total amount is over $250!

What's improved exactly?

The new site actually got improved in several sides and those improvements were expected for very a long time.

Firstly, they simplified the home page with easier navigations. We will learn what exactly being offered by this company and how people think about their service. We don't have to dig more for such info like we did before! They showed their service plans and hardware equpments as well as security protection over the entire system.

inmotion hosting features

As we see, they also highlighted their support over the popular open source scripts such as wordpress, joomla. Because almost 1/3 users use those scripts for their website development and search the actual hosting support for those directly when there's need. By introducing their advantages on home page, further business burst is expected for inmotion.

Furthermore, they are more caring about students for educational website hosting purpose. They offer 50% discount and free linux hosting account for existing students. Just contact their support @ (888) 321-4678 and their team will guide you for the setup! There're no much hosting groups managed doing so, especially when the market is so competitive nowadays.

Finally, the best of the best improvements are their web hosting plans re-design. They simplfied everything to make sure everybody be able to choose the right service without learning too much as before. Before the changes, there're multiple hosting solutions under every categories and they're thought too complicated for users to learn about. Now, please refresh your memories as everything got simplified! They merged all shared hosting plans to the 3 business solutions that's most popular to us. The old ones such as cheap personal hosting is not available anymore. By doing this, inmotion support be able to manage their service more professionally.

How do we think about?

Our thoughts are absolutely positive. Not everybody be able to apply the latest web design technologies for their business site. But it's a requirement to catch up with the new web devices like smart phones, table pcs etc. Did I mention inmotion people offer web design service? Don't be flooded by the idea they're only professional in web hosting service, they're actually a full functional IT group that offers various IT solutions. Their web design service vary from all categories including food, health, legal etc. Just click the web design tab on their site and view more!

Anonymous Hackers Attacked Twitter

twitter is hacked

From the Reuters news report, anonymous hackers attacked Twitter last week and may have gained access to passwords and other information for as many as 250,000 user accounts, the official microblog revealed it on Friday and explained "limited" data was accessed, like email addresses and encrypted passwords. The attack is made from a latest Java hole.

"This attack was not the work of amateurs, and we do not believe it was an isolated incident," Twitter said. "The attackers were extremely sophisticated, and we believe other companies and organizations have also been recently similarly attacked."

Twitter said in a blog post that the passwords were encrypted and that it had already reset them as a "precautionary measure," and that it was in the process of notifying affected users. "There is no evidence right now that would indicate that passwords were compromised," said Prosser.

twitter hacked

The blog post noted recent revelations of large-scale cyber attacks against the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, but unlike the two news organizations, Twitter did not provide any detail on the origin or methodology of the attacks.

Privately held Twitter, which has 200 million active monthly users, said it was working with government and federal law enforcement officials to track down the attackers.

Twitter, the social network known for its 140-character messages, could not speculate on the origin of the attacks as its investigation was ongoing, said spokesman Jim Prosser.

The attack is not the first time that hackers have breached Twitter's systems and gained access to Twitter user information. Twitter signed a consent decree with the Federal Trade Commission(FTC) in 2010, subjecting the company to 10 years of independent privacy reviews, for failing to safeguard users' personal information.