Inmotion Hosting Updates 2013

Inmotion Hosting updates 2013

Inmotion Hosting Just updated their official website yesterday with new looking as well as new hosting plan structures. In case you're their fans, it's highly recommended to check out the new interface and learn about their new offers. Like it? or dislike it? Just feel free to share your thoughts.

What's changed on inmotion hosting site?

In short, the inmotion hosting applied a new skin to their site and re-designed their hosting plans. The new interface is designed via HTML5 technologies which is more friendly to new devices. The home page is composed by image slider with their hosting service spotlights. They also introduced customer testimonials and new technologies in supporting clients and the communities. Furthermore, the provided more free credits in search marketing including google, yahoo, amazon etc. Total amount is over $250!

What's improved exactly?

The new site actually got improved in several sides and those improvements were expected for very a long time.

Firstly, they simplified the home page with easier navigations. We will learn what exactly being offered by this company and how people think about their service. We don't have to dig more for such info like we did before! They showed their service plans and hardware equpments as well as security protection over the entire system.

inmotion hosting features

As we see, they also highlighted their support over the popular open source scripts such as wordpress, joomla. Because almost 1/3 users use those scripts for their website development and search the actual hosting support for those directly when there's need. By introducing their advantages on home page, further business burst is expected for inmotion.

Furthermore, they are more caring about students for educational website hosting purpose. They offer 50% discount and free linux hosting account for existing students. Just contact their support @ (888) 321-4678 and their team will guide you for the setup! There're no much hosting groups managed doing so, especially when the market is so competitive nowadays.

Finally, the best of the best improvements are their web hosting plans re-design. They simplfied everything to make sure everybody be able to choose the right service without learning too much as before. Before the changes, there're multiple hosting solutions under every categories and they're thought too complicated for users to learn about. Now, please refresh your memories as everything got simplified! They merged all shared hosting plans to the 3 business solutions that's most popular to us. The old ones such as cheap personal hosting is not available anymore. By doing this, inmotion support be able to manage their service more professionally.

How do we think about?

Our thoughts are absolutely positive. Not everybody be able to apply the latest web design technologies for their business site. But it's a requirement to catch up with the new web devices like smart phones, table pcs etc. Did I mention inmotion people offer web design service? Don't be flooded by the idea they're only professional in web hosting service, they're actually a full functional IT group that offers various IT solutions. Their web design service vary from all categories including food, health, legal etc. Just click the web design tab on their site and view more!

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