Bluehost Dedicated Server Hosting Reviews

Bluehost dedicated server hosting

We have completed the evaluation and testing of Bluehost dedicated server beta offer yesterday and would like to share our experience and reviews to their server. The general score we give out is A+ based their dedicated server configurations, performance and after sale support.

The bluehost dedicated server beta offer was started in the end of March and provided by "invite only". I guess there're lots of application during that period so they were busy in preparing servers, we waited about 3 days to get server access.

Bluehost Dedicated Server Specifications

The bluehost Dedicated servers are Intel Xeon powered with i3/i5/i7 processers. All server configurations are fully automated with instant provisioning. All dedicated server users will get free cpanel and free domain name offer to automate your server setup. From bluehost official announcement, their dedicated servers come with following advantages:

  • Instant Provisioning – The bluehost dedicated servers are fully automated to be up and running in seconds. You can get your server up almost instantly.
  • Root Access – You will get 100% root access to CentOS server and manage all server tasks by your own.
  • Single Sign-on – You will be able to manage your entire account/services from a single login.
  • Dedicated Support – Exclusive line for Dedicated Server customers, getting you expedited help when you need it.
Server Plans Dedicated Standard Dedicated Enhanced Dedicated Premium
CPU (GHz/cores/cache) 2.3/2/3 MB 2.5/4/8 MB 3.3/4/8 MB
Memory 4 8 16
Disk Storage 2 x 500 2 x 1000 2 x 1000
Monthly BW 5 TB 10 TB 15 TB
Free Domains 1 1 1
Free IPs 3 4 5
Free cPanel Yes Yes Yes
Price $74.99 $99.99 $124.99
3 Month Term $119.99 $156.66 $198.32
6 Month Term $122.49 $163.32 $204.16
12 Month Term $118.74 $161.66 $199.57

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Bluehost Dedicated Server Performance

The Bluehost Dedicated Server is created by KVM on OpenStack platform. New features and services can be added to the platforms on the fly to assure your business is always online and safe!

We tried to logon server from multiple locations by VPN, the connection speed is very fast comparing to most other server providers based our personal experience. It might be because of their newness and there's plenty of network bandwidth shared by very limited users concurrently.

However, regardless any doubts, Bluehost manages 3 world class datacenters in Utah that's powered by multiple tier 4 power supplies and UPS power backup. All server hardwares and datacenter specs are 100% managed by their tech team so in case any outage their professionals will be notified at the earliest time!

Bluehost vs Hostgator Dedicated server hosting

Hostgator and bluehost are always recognized the most reputable web hosting brands by professionals. They're the biggest competitor with each other. Now, since they both offer dedicated server plans, who offers better deal? Ok, here's the basic comparison to help determine the best deal.

Server Structures – Bluehost servers are created on the latest cloud computing platforms with KVM based. Hostgator dedicated server plans are created with traditional technologies based single server assembly.

Server Features – Bluehost dedicated servers are created with latest hardware production and high performance CPU/RAM plus free domain name. You also get free server managing tools like cpanel. On hostgator, you have multiple choice over server features. With hostgator dedicated server hosting, customer will get free billing software WHMCS or  WHM autopilot. Another advantage with hostgator is you have choice of windows OS and smarter boundle will be provided for free!

Network Performance – Bluehost fully manage their network/datacenters by themselves, means you will get instant solution once there's in need of assistance. All bluehost support staff are well trained to deal with complex server issues with years experience. Bluehost has dedicated support staff for dedicated server plans. Hostgator completely relies on softlayer to deliver their advantages. For this concern, bluehost will do better than hostgator.

Price value – Absolutely, the hostgator server is more expensive than bluehost on same level server configuration. If you don't mind the bluehost newness, you can feel safe to purchase with less cost.


Bluehost dedicated servers are better solution than hostgator based server features, network and customer support. You can claim unbeatable 50% off promo for leading server configurations and performance!

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