Can You Benefit From HostingCon?

hostingcon pros and cons

Hostingcon is held each year in north American and being recognized the most important conference in hosting industry. All major web hosting providers, server and technologies providers will join it to show up their services and discuss some major events of the year. Because it's an exhibition, everybody can visit and meet your potential service providers in real person. But how does the hostingcon help individual users? This article tells the real use of this conference by comparing both pros and cons.

Pros of HostingCon

Meet Hosting Providers in Real Person

Because of the good advertising by operation teams. Most major web hosting companies will attend the conference. Especially for those web hosts located in North American, they will not miss the opportunity to show up their service for better business. If you like to discuss with your hosting company support team more efficiently, you can meet them in real person from the exhibition. Especially when you got a complex question or enquiry to their service, hostingcon is the best place.

Newest Technologies/Service exhibition

Absolutely, every exhibitor will bring their newest technology and service plans to the conference. If you're providing IT services to clients, you can check out the newest available solutions for better service offers. Also, by introducing the newest technologies to your service, you will win better success than your competitors.

Compare Different Providers in Reality

Looking for the most suitable hosting solution but not sure how to choose by online research? Congratulations! Hostingcon will give you chance to compare different providers in real world. You don't have to read how people talking about, you can check with their team directly and decide the best choice after compared a bunch of providers. It's extremely helpful when you have special requirements to hosting services, hostingcon will get most providers there for you so you can pick up the perfect choice.

Get the Best Deal by offsite promo

Promotion is a MUST for every exhibitors during the 3 days exhibition. You might have found various promo from online search, but you will find it's hard to find such high rates on the exhibition. If you're going to invest on web hosting in short time, you should not miss the great opportunity for big saving.

Cons of HostingCon

We read the big advantages of hostingcon from above. But what would be the cons regardless how it's being promoted? Well, I have to say, the hostingcon is not an traditional exhibition like foods or electric affairs. Hostingcon is specialized in web hosting industry that has less cross over other fields. So generally it doesn't come with large scale comparing to other exhibitions. Basically, you can find the following weak points especially from personal webmaster view.

Mainly joined by hosting providers

The hostingcon is held yearly but it's mainly attended by major hosting groups and equipments providers. It's more like a group meeting among different providers. Also, since it's held in American, for people from Europe or Asia areas, most of them do not have the chance to get involved. Also, if you're personal website users, you would not be interested with this affair. For what reason you are encouraged to attend? Because you want to learn about the leading technologies or super discounts? I think there's no need for personal hosting users. You just want to get your simple website working but don't care who what kind of technique being used on the server.

IT groups will benefit Mostly

Because of the above explanation, only IT groups will benefit more from the conference because they need to work closely with various providers like hardware/software vendors and security solutions. They keep their eyes on each updates of the industry. Reliability and security is mostly needed for their service thus they always attend lots of industry conference then apply the newest solutions to their networks.


Hostingcon is great if you're running an IT group or have big requirements to hosting service. You will see the newest technologies and equipments to improve your service. Most of the time you just do online communication to upstream vendors, but you can meet most of them in real person in the exhibition. But you will not benefit much if you just need a simple web hosting plan to power your blog or forum sites.

Anyhow, being the most important conference in hosting industry, hostingcon will bring us the newest development results. Hosting providers will learn on how to improve themselves after compared to the strongest competitors. So finally, their clients will receive better service maybe with better price. Hostingcon is actually encouraging all providers to improve their products for more healthy

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