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Tips of WordPress Page Structure Design

wordpress structure design

Content is the most important part for any site. For wordpress blog, high quality writing with proper structures can encourage visitors' reading greatly. Those advanced wordpress themes are already optimized on each side, but definitely there're more to do if we need better effects. Following are some skills & plugins based our editorial experience.

Suggestion NO.1: Be simple

Some sites use multiple fonts on single page which is pretty confusing. Normally we only need two fonts on same page – one for title and one for content. Serif & Sans Serif fonts are most popular choice on many wordpress sites. Typical usage is to take Sans Serif for title and Serif for content, the vice versa.

Suggestion NO.2: Suitable colors

When we structure our wordpress site, be sure to apply suitable colors, no colorful no plain. Many blog sites could be more attractive at a better color design. Colors to avoid for background & content: White/black, grey/dark grey or any other colors hard to balance with.

Suggestion NO.3: Sense of hierarchy on titles

This is not only good for site structure but also good for SEO, readers can quickly understand the content by titles.

Recommended WordPress Plugins for Structure Design

Google Typography – Let users to change word fonts easily, even be able to replace existing fonts on theme. There're over 300 fonts in gallery. Users can select font, color, size, line spacing & word spacing with no technical skills requirement. Google Typography is by far the most powerful font management tool.

Simple Pull Quote – provides an easy way for you to insert pull quotes into your posts and pages. It adds an easy-to-use "Pullquote" button to both the HTML and TinyMCE editors. Check out this youtube tutorials http://youtu.be/JGudI9gr9iE

Hyphenator – Hyphenator automatically inserts separators in the content, so that at the end of line the text is wrapped with a dash if applicable.

WP Code Highlight – WP Code Highlight provides clean syntax highlighting. It also provides a code button(HTML editor) to help you insert code in articles easily. You don't need to specify the language since WP Code Highlight will guess, all languages are supported.

Godaddy Domain Registeration Payment Error Solution

Being the largest domain provider, godaddy is doing heavy email marketing with non-rejectabl offers. However, after we got a nice price and try to check out, the system does not accept and produce out this error

godaddy domain purchase error

Because the code we applied provides us 35% discount and can only be processed by credit card, so I guess it should be problem from my credit card provider. However our cc provider confirmed everything is working good on their side. So finally I have to contact godaddy support for solution. Here're our communication with their support staff

You're chatting with Brandi.
Hello and thank you for contacting Chat. My name is Brandi. How can I help you today?
Kenny –
Hello. I'm ordering domain name and got error msg during check out:
Kenny –
There was a problem processing your transaction. Please verify your payment information or use an alternate form of payment.
Kenny –
I'm using credit card
Ok let me take a look
Upon review of your message it sounds as though you are attempting to place an order online but are receiving an error message. The error you are receiving indicates that the promotional code you are trying to use is not eligible at this time. We are unable to process orders including this promotional code on your behalf, as the codes are for use online only. Most codes have various usage restrictions and as such we suggest reviewing the email or marketing notice you received announcing the code to determine the code's eligibility. You can try to clear the shopping cart, clear the cache in your browser and place the domain name again. Or let me know and I can reload your shopping cart again with this domain name.
Kenny –
I'm ordering xxxxx.com this domain..
Kenny –
for 5 years
Kenny –
could you help with this issue?
Yes I can process the 5 year domain here for $60.86
Kenny –
I'm redirected by this code "CJCRMN99U" which gives me $41.85 in total
Kenny –
can it be done?
That code shows as invalid
Kenny –
Anyway, it's your offer.. could you apply a good code for better price? I'm trying to register because of the offer
The regular pricing is $70.85 and I can do it here for $60.86
Kenny –
no better one?
Unfortunately no
Kenny –
can I pay via paypal on file?
Yes I can process that here with the PayPal on file
In order to process the order please type "I agree" to the following: 1) The Universal Terms of Service Agreement. 2) The Domain registration  Agreement. 3) The Charge of $60.86 on the PayPal
Kenny –
Ok that has been processed for you Kenny!

So we see.. we're trying to get some discount with their code, but can't pay it although their system does generated a good price. After a bit research online, we found many people faced similar problems. Sometimes their support can help process it directly with that price but sometimes no like us.

Thoughts of Webhostinghub New Design

Webhostinghub New design

Webhostinghub got a new suit two days before. Unlike a normal appearance change, their people totally revised the site structures. It's more like an enterprise site other than selling store. At the time being, many huge events occured from industry(well, mostly bad), the change of Whub gives us some fresh air. Upon their updates, let's dig further based the industry environments.

Changes on Webhostinghub Site

  • Enterprise friendly
  • Mobile device friendly
  • New web standards
  • Services integration

Comparing to old site, the new webhostinghub design is a kind of growup like a child to adult. It also reflects the past years business development for this company. Either Inmotion or hub, they both are rewarded primary choice for excellent hosting service group. Although the hub targeted clients are still personal to small business, this new update shows they're going to support medium to huge business clients. It's also recognized the official announcement of their extra two new hosting plans Nitro & Dynamo that're setup for higher hosting requirements.

New site is based HTML5 web standards and fully mobile device compatible. No gap, comfortable color & smart photos, profession is seen on every side. Everything shows the company is going to make huge success.

However, based the current industry circumstance, we have to evaluate everything carefully. At the time being, many successful hosting groups are already & being acquired and most of them are doing bad after the purchase. Because of this, the business selling in this industry is recognized disaster by lots of existing clients.

webhostinghub hosting plans

Will WebhostingHub be sold out?

Well, it's for sure some magnates already showed their interests and might have sent out very good purchase offers to this company. endurance, a hot name in hosting, will it get control over webhostinghub? Or anyone else? Before we have steady confidence over some service providers because they announced not to be sold at least for the recent 10 years, but they got sold only 1 year after their words. Definitely, we'll be sad to see when hub got merged into such names like EIG because people have enjoyed all excellent service from existing company. No one can guarantee everything will go quiet and everything will keep the same after sold out.

Webhosting & Inmotion are two of the very few excellent and independent brands from web hosting industry. It's easy to see, if they two got sold to EIG then almost no one else can escape the wave. Hopefully, we just think too much and they company will do everything good to serve their clients in right way. We do like to see some good hosting companies can run a century-old shop business.

Big Hosting Events 2014 & Plans for 2015

better 2015

Actually I could not find a suitable picture for this topic. I planned to take a yearly review of work on webhostpark, but few great things to pickup. This is how above picture is added..

In the last year, we're dealing with lots of affairs from both online & offline. While we're monitoring hosting services, we also got several other business tasks to work with. Because of this, we did not update regularly as usual and this lead to bad performance on each categories. If we have to say something about the past year, following two events are most memorable..

NO.1 Arvixe was sold to endurance International Group

Sad but it's true. Arvixe has been our top partner for hosting projects for their outstanding service. Since our departure with webhost4life 4 years before, we migrated all our business to arvixe service and satisfied with everything there. Just in november 2014, their boss agreed the deal with EIG company for about $22 million to sell the company. Then few moments later, we got an announcement for server migration. Although no bad points founded for this migration, we're not sure how it will go for the next months. We'll just wait and see.

Definitely, most people are surprised about this because it's destination of many clients who suffered bad experience from other EIG brands. We thought everything would go as promised by Arvand – the owner of arvixe. However, he still can not hold up by good price. Eventually, EIG becomes stronger and stronger and possibally will eat most companies because they have strong financial support.

While we can not change the truth, good alternatives are being evaluated by our team. Although arvixe gone quietly, we still believe there're tuff and good providers to work with. Progress will be updated accordingly on webhostpark site. Just give us some time to work on it.

NO.2 Account closure because missing renewal

One of our project hosting account got removed because we forgot renewal. All web data including emails & databases got cleared on server space. We and the hosting company could not recover a piece because it's a complete removal.

We always discuss account security and how to protect online files. However we hit ourselves heavily this time because we lost several months' data. We have to start from the very begin to restructure the project.

Basically, we have not passed a successful 2014 on this point and actually pretty bad. Definitely we have learnt a lot from this and already working for better future. I am sure 2015 will be a perfect year!

CooliceHost Interview

coolicehost nginx hosting plan

Speed is primary concern by most people in selecting a hosting service. Besides improvements on server hardware and network, the web server choice is crucial for bottom optimization. Nginx is considered by far the fastest web server. Unfortunately, it's not widely used by hosting providers because no official support by cpanel. Coolicehost is one of the very few for Nginx and cPanel support. We just had a quickk interview with Banko Stoianov – The tech representative from Coolicehost. Following is part of our interview for quick understanding of the company.

Could you please briefly introduce CooliceHost?

CooliceHost is web hosting company offers you Nginx cPanel Hosting in Europe (at 6 Geo IP Locations*) . Nginx ("engine x") is an ultra-fast and extremely powerful Web server that delivers CMS and Shop system such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Open Cart, and etc. faster than Apache. When Nginx is combined with Varnish Cache, as mod_Ruid2 and ZendOpcache, it serves pages much faster than out of the box cPanel installation.

Who's your targeted client?

CooliceHost services are developed by webmasters to webmasters. The hosting plans are suitable for small and medium web sites as well as large media portals. The company hosts web resources generating over 20 million visits every single day.

What kind of hosting plans offered by coolice?

CooliceHost offers 3 types of hosting plans: SSD Web Hosting (shared hosting), VPS Hybrid (Semi-dedicated hosting) and Secure & DDoS Protected VPS. The company also provides custom solutions for clients with special needs, all you need to do is contact the support and they will consult you for free.

What makes CooliceHost different than others?

CooliceHost plans come with great features such as: 500 Gbps DDOS Protecion, Antivirus & Antimalware Scans, cPanel, Fastest Possible PHP Implementation, Major Shopping Carts, SSD or HDD, 6 IP locations, LiteSpeed Web Server and many more. All come with no extra charge. Those and many others make us different than others on the market.

Could you briefly introduce your data center?

Located in the heart of Europe and more than 400 km away from our datacentre in Roubaix, CooliceHost hosting provides high-performance solution for every infrastructure redundancy.  The Gravelines datacentre, where CooliceHost runs its servers, opened in 2013 and is the biggest datacentre in Europe. When running at full capacity, it will host a record 350-500,000 servers. Everyone have the option of hosting your SP and FS range servers there. The data processing centre offers a comfortable bandwidth of up to 10 Gbps per server to bring a high level of fluidity to your services.

How do you handle customer support?

CooliceHost helps its clients via phone, ticketing system, mail, and a webmaster forum – Predpriemach.com, where the company runs several threads and advertises there. The hosting provider also has a Knowledgebase (located at: https://coolicehost.com/billing/knowledgebase.php), where users can read more about their problems.

Editorial note: The company is kind of new. Maybe this is the sole weakness for any group. However, as long as it provides outstanding services to people, huge potential growth is a MUST. It's a good start for new web server technologies in web hosting industry. Those who need blading fast web server at low cost, coolicehost is good to go.

Godaddy Discount Domain Club Reviewed

Domain name is core treasure of our web presence. All our hard working on website will finally be showed through our carefully chosen domain. We pay hosting space, web design and domain registration and everything requires annual renewal. Because of this, we always want to reduce the overall costs by coupon code or promotional offer, what if you have to pay before to claim a low price? Well, the godaddy discount domain club is the thing.

What's Godaddy Discount Domain Club?

The godaddy discount domain club is a service to claim the lowest domain offer from godaddy group. This includes domain registration, renewal and any domain related service. The domain club plan starts at $7.50/month with only yearly deal, longer reservation results in lower costs. Check following chart for exact offer

Domains ext Regular Price Renewal Price New registration Price
.com $14.99 $8.29 – 44% Off $8.19
.net $16.99 $7.99 – 52% Off  
.org $17.99* $8.99 – 50% Off  
.info $14.99 $8.99 – 40% Off $2.99 ++
.us $19.99 $7.29 – 63% Off $3.99
.me $19.99 $16.99 – 15% Off $9.99
.mobi $17.99 $12.99 – 27% Off $9.99
.biz $16.99 $8.99 – 47% Off $7.99

Service page: https://www.godaddy.com/domains/discount-domains.aspx

Advantages in Using the Membership Service

The core feature of domain club service is to get super discounts for domain registration & renewal. Normally, we have to apply different promo codes to get lower cost. But since the July 2014, godaddy discountinued all domain related promo codes. Users can only get default offer on godaddy website, if people want to get better price, they have to join their membership plan which costs $7.50/month.

Another two spotlights of the membership service are named "CashParking Premium" and "Domain Auction Membership". CashParking premium plan costs $4.99/mo if we register separately. With this service, their system will auto generate SEO friendly contents on your domain parking page. If visitors generated some values on this page, godaddy will return 80% to this domain owner which is you.

The domain auction service starts $4.99/yr if we sign up independantly. It's actually not only for domain selling but also for purchasing available domains we desired. If you found a good domain but already registered, the godaddy people can negociate with the owner and give you 28% discount in purchasing it.

Our Experience

We have 5 domains with godaddy company and we just got renewal notice today, when we tried to renew as we did before, any coupon becomes invalid. After checke with colleagues and godaddy website, we realized we have to pay more in order to receive a good price. Finally we did renewal without any promotional offer. It's a pitty that we pay 40% more than last time. But what we say, it's business.

Who Should Register?

Definitely, it's not suitable for blog or simple website owners. Because there're only about one or two domains to handle so there's no need to join this expensive service.

The club service is perfect if you're doing domain reseller or other business that need to manage lots of domain names. This will save your money greatly beause you do buck order.

However, since coupon code is the most direct and prefered way by most people, this membership service makes us not feeling good at all. Especially when we be able to get better domain price from other registrars like namecheap, why should we pay extra more to godaddy?