Thoughts of Webhostinghub New Design

Webhostinghub New design

Webhostinghub got a new suit two days before. Unlike a normal appearance change, their people totally revised the site structures. It's more like an enterprise site other than selling store. At the time being, many huge events occured from industry(well, mostly bad), the change of Whub gives us some fresh air. Upon their updates, let's dig further based the industry environments.

Changes on Webhostinghub Site

  • Enterprise friendly
  • Mobile device friendly
  • New web standards
  • Services integration

Comparing to old site, the new webhostinghub design is a kind of growup like a child to adult. It also reflects the past years business development for this company. Either Inmotion or hub, they both are rewarded primary choice for excellent hosting service group. Although the hub targeted clients are still personal to small business, this new update shows they're going to support medium to huge business clients. It's also recognized the official announcement of their extra two new hosting plans Nitro & Dynamo that're setup for higher hosting requirements.

New site is based HTML5 web standards and fully mobile device compatible. No gap, comfortable color & smart photos, profession is seen on every side. Everything shows the company is going to make huge success.

However, based the current industry circumstance, we have to evaluate everything carefully. At the time being, many successful hosting groups are already & being acquired and most of them are doing bad after the purchase. Because of this, the business selling in this industry is recognized disaster by lots of existing clients.

webhostinghub hosting plans

Will WebhostingHub be sold out?

Well, it's for sure some magnates already showed their interests and might have sent out very good purchase offers to this company. endurance, a hot name in hosting, will it get control over webhostinghub? Or anyone else? Before we have steady confidence over some service providers because they announced not to be sold at least for the recent 10 years, but they got sold only 1 year after their words. Definitely, we'll be sad to see when hub got merged into such names like EIG because people have enjoyed all excellent service from existing company. No one can guarantee everything will go quiet and everything will keep the same after sold out.

Webhosting & Inmotion are two of the very few excellent and independent brands from web hosting industry. It's easy to see, if they two got sold to EIG then almost no one else can escape the wave. Hopefully, we just think too much and they company will do everything good to serve their clients in right way. We do like to see some good hosting companies can run a century-old shop business.

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