Big Hosting Events 2014 & Plans for 2015

better 2015

Actually I could not find a suitable picture for this topic. I planned to take a yearly review of work on webhostpark, but few great things to pickup. This is how above picture is added..

In the last year, we're dealing with lots of affairs from both online & offline. While we're monitoring hosting services, we also got several other business tasks to work with. Because of this, we did not update regularly as usual and this lead to bad performance on each categories. If we have to say something about the past year, following two events are most memorable..

NO.1 Arvixe was sold to endurance International Group

Sad but it's true. Arvixe has been our top partner for hosting projects for their outstanding service. Since our departure with webhost4life 4 years before, we migrated all our business to arvixe service and satisfied with everything there. Just in november 2014, their boss agreed the deal with EIG company for about $22 million to sell the company. Then few moments later, we got an announcement for server migration. Although no bad points founded for this migration, we're not sure how it will go for the next months. We'll just wait and see.

Definitely, most people are surprised about this because it's destination of many clients who suffered bad experience from other EIG brands. We thought everything would go as promised by Arvand – the owner of arvixe. However, he still can not hold up by good price. Eventually, EIG becomes stronger and stronger and possibally will eat most companies because they have strong financial support.

While we can not change the truth, good alternatives are being evaluated by our team. Although arvixe gone quietly, we still believe there're tuff and good providers to work with. Progress will be updated accordingly on webhostpark site. Just give us some time to work on it.

NO.2 Account closure because missing renewal

One of our project hosting account got removed because we forgot renewal. All web data including emails & databases got cleared on server space. We and the hosting company could not recover a piece because it's a complete removal.

We always discuss account security and how to protect online files. However we hit ourselves heavily this time because we lost several months' data. We have to start from the very begin to restructure the project.

Basically, we have not passed a successful 2014 on this point and actually pretty bad. Definitely we have learnt a lot from this and already working for better future. I am sure 2015 will be a perfect year!

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