Tips of WordPress Page Structure Design

wordpress structure design

Content is the most important part for any site. For wordpress blog, high quality writing with proper structures can encourage visitors' reading greatly. Those advanced wordpress themes are already optimized on each side, but definitely there're more to do if we need better effects. Following are some skills & plugins based our editorial experience.

Suggestion NO.1: Be simple

Some sites use multiple fonts on single page which is pretty confusing. Normally we only need two fonts on same page – one for title and one for content. Serif & Sans Serif fonts are most popular choice on many wordpress sites. Typical usage is to take Sans Serif for title and Serif for content, the vice versa.

Suggestion NO.2: Suitable colors

When we structure our wordpress site, be sure to apply suitable colors, no colorful no plain. Many blog sites could be more attractive at a better color design. Colors to avoid for background & content: White/black, grey/dark grey or any other colors hard to balance with.

Suggestion NO.3: Sense of hierarchy on titles

This is not only good for site structure but also good for SEO, readers can quickly understand the content by titles.

Recommended WordPress Plugins for Structure Design

Google Typography – Let users to change word fonts easily, even be able to replace existing fonts on theme. There're over 300 fonts in gallery. Users can select font, color, size, line spacing & word spacing with no technical skills requirement. Google Typography is by far the most powerful font management tool.

Simple Pull Quote – provides an easy way for you to insert pull quotes into your posts and pages. It adds an easy-to-use "Pullquote" button to both the HTML and TinyMCE editors. Check out this youtube tutorials

Hyphenator – Hyphenator automatically inserts separators in the content, so that at the end of line the text is wrapped with a dash if applicable.

WP Code Highlight – WP Code Highlight provides clean syntax highlighting. It also provides a code button(HTML editor) to help you insert code in articles easily. You don't need to specify the language since WP Code Highlight will guess, all languages are supported.

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