Top 5 Worst Web Hosting

5 Worst web hosting

It's sad to reveal the worst web hosting from the industry. However it's absolutely good sign to hosting novice so they won't go wrong from the very begining. You might have heard too much top 10 or top 5 over all kinds of hosting services but have you awared many of those rankings will lead to failure? Are you victim of the misguiding? If you have been mad at your current hosting provider, check if it's in the 5 worst web hosting list below.

NO.1 – Pacifichost

Pacifichost is ranked on top of the worst web hosting list. Why pacifichost sucks? Because their marketing team always try to persuade people to write good reviews to their hosting service by offering any kind bait. The pacifichost announced to offer the cheapeast litespeed web hosting service with almost everything unlimited. The result is they create unlimited hosting accounts on the same hosting server and lead to damn slow connection and super unstable performance.

Their people also spam everywhere on internet to post positive comments. If you search pacific on webhostingtalk you will find almost 99% people are not satisfied with their service, but there will always someone to respond with the same positive words which is rediculous! Our website WHP also spammed by the same writing on multiple posts.

NO.2 – Webhostingpad

Webhostingpad is actually unethical web hosting provider. Yes, they're cheap choice from the first look. Only $1.99/mo with everything unlimited. However you must subscribe 4 years upfront! Once they got your business you'll be spammed by various offers that encourages you to purchase. In order to be profitable, they create unlimited hosting accounts on single server with less support! Their support people are more like a sales team instead tech team. They will work on your problem forever with no solution.

Just think at the very first, why do you need to sign up 4 years service without fully understanding the business trick?

NO.3 – 1and1

Why do people hate 1and1 hosting? Simply because of their cracked hosting server and the worst policy to keep your business. Their servers are in various blacklist with no fixing. 1and1 offers free domain name, but if you want to transfer out, they will try everything they can to keep it on their end or simple block your access to domain name and force you host the website on their servers.

NO.4 – Godaddy

Why godaddy appears in the worst web hosting list? Isn't godaddy good enough from many users experience? Yes, godaddy is most famous domain registrar but their web hosting is not so nice as domain service. Godaddy offers both windows and linux hosting plans with inhouse developed control panel. However if you search from the web hosting or web development forums you will find many complaints in using their hosting. What really sucks is you can't get professional and instant support like other hosting groups. Godaddy only provides tech support via email where you need to wait hours and days for a solution.

NO.5 – Network Solutions

Network solution is absolutely the best example of bad hosting from domain registration companies. Network solutions is well known domain registrar with lots of domain tools. However, their excellence in domain does not inherit any to hosting service. Their team is definitely lack of reserve to deliver reliable and high performance hosting service. At the meanwhile, people have to pay more than most other hosting providers for their service.

The above 5 worst web hosting simply just want to catch your business and don't care much about the rest. You won't find too much positive comments to their service. The dissatisfication rate is unbelievable 90%+ from real user feedbacks. If you found any above brands listed in any best web hosting ranks you should aware of the website and go away immediately because they're providing fake recommendation that will lead failure to your website

Best and Trustable Web Hosting

Regardless of the worst web hosting list, who's doing the best and honest business? Based our more than 6 years experience from the industry and frequent communication to hosting groups, Arvixe and Inmotion hosting are awarded the best web hosting providers for either server performance, plan features and price value.

Arvixe( is top rated web hosting that's trusted by half million clients on the planet. Arvixe is most well known for leading performance hosting server and rich feature hosting plans. With arvixe hosting you can choose over windows and linux server platforms. Starts at $4/mo you get free domain name for life and unlimited databases support!

Go to arvixe site for full features

Inmotion hosting( provides enterprise level hosting solutions with affordable costs. Inmotion is best for their fast server connection and no oversell policy. Means no matter what kind of advantages introduced to their hosting servers they won't add more clients for more profit. Instead, they keep optimizating their server structures and networking to deliver better and better hosting service to all clients!

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4 thoughts on “Top 5 Worst Web Hosting

  1. Matt - February 18, 2016 at 9:27 pm

    I’ve been using for several years. Long ago they were pretty good. Now they are as bad as they get. The servers are unreliable. They no longer list a phone number (for sales or support). Their on-line chat never connects to anyone.

    Avoid this company like the plague.

  2. Gordon Mcghie - March 29, 2016 at 6:50 pm

    I used for almost 10 years. Then needed support… omg… that was the end. Unbelievable, so bad. Most phone calls would keep you on hold for 15 minutes as your ‘position’ in line moved towards #1 THEN you get asked to ‘please leave a message’… this happened 4 out of 5 time. Their turnkey web design and publish simply didn’t work for days… No chance to get money back after being incorrectly billed and still within their 30 day guarantee . AVOID this company.

  3. Ocasio Consulting - March 9, 2018 at 12:01 pm

    Thank you for the list. Wondering if Hostgator makes it in the top 10 worst web hosting companies?

  4. Chuzz Bot - June 15, 2019 at 4:24 am

    JUST HOST is the worst, expensive, and horrible to deal with . They lure you in cheap, bait and switch. The next billing cycle will leave you in shock, they have extortionate prices and practices.


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