Domain Parking vs Hosting

Domain parking vs hosting

Before your website going online, you have to get a domain name first from a reputable registrar. Or if you have already registered the domain but not yet ready to put up a website, you might consider a domain parking service. But what would be their relationship and difference?

Domain Parking Introduction

Domain parking means you're not going to add any content to the site yet and don't want to take any other domain advantages like email. However you do wish people see something on your site instead a blank or error page. In that case, you will need a domain parking service to redirect your site to a specific page where you can define the content based your needs. Domain parking can be done on domain registrar end as well as web hosting company, there's also dedicated domain parking service offered on the web.

Domain parking on registrar end is pretty simple, many reputable domain providers offer this service in your account panel where you can manage domain DNS, redirection etc. You can easily redirect your domain to anywhere you liked. Domain parking on web hosting provider simply means to point the domain name to your existing website. So if people browse your new domain it will put up the existing website content directly. It's also called domaini alias on hosting end.

About Domain Hosting

Domain hosting means to host your domain with hosting provider to launch your website and take full advantages of the domain name including DNS, Emails. Domain hosting relies on lots of services like web server, database server, email server and ftp etc.

What's good of domain parking? Domain parking will only cost your domain registration fee then you can redirect it to anywhere you wished, you can also put ADS on it to get paid from the vendor such as google adsense. When you do domain parking, you have predicted the value of the specific name so in case someone is interested in it you can resell it with good price.

Domain parking on hosting end is mainly for branding. For example your main website is, you may also need to register and and many other Tlds to point to your main site. So no matter if your clients browsed the wrong domain they will always be able to see your website.

Unlimited Domain Parking explained

Domain parking is always offered as unlimited by most hosting providers. However, many times it will misguide people in understanding their policies. Many people would like to host multiple domain names from a single hosting account but we found many people just focus on the "unlimited domain parking". There're many hosting services come with a single website support but with unlimited domain parking. Take cpanel for instance, the supported number of websites is called "addon domains", when you add a new site to hosting, there're two options: add a new domain and add new domain parking. If you want to make a new site, you should choose the "add new domain" option.

As we see, nobody would like to point unlimited domains to existing site. Most of the time we just want to host multiple websites in the same space. When we choose a hosting service, make sure to check if the host support multiple domain parking or domain hosting.

Best multiple domain hosting service

There're many hosting providers support unlimited number of hosted domains. However, unless you don't mind the performance and any kind problems in using the service. We don't suggest such hosting. For reputable and honest multiple domain hosting service, we highly recommend to check out arvixe for best performance and service. For $4/mo you can host up to 6 separate websites and unlimited domain parking. Arvixe set such limitation to ensure the server performance and deliver you the best price value! If you sign up arvixe hosting using coupon "mvchosting" you will get 20% discount for either monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription!

Go to arvixe for best domain hosting plans!

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