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Blog hosting overview

Blog hosting should be easy to use and come with side by side support for specific blog platform. At the mean time, a professional management panel must be offered for blog creation and data management. WebHostingHub is awarded the best blog hosting provider for its outstanding performance and seamless support for different blog softwares. Based our editorial experience with the service, webhostinghub be able to support both personal & enterprise blog site for worry free. Speed, security and support are 3S of their service.

Best Blog Hosting – Hosting Feature

WebHostingHub offers 3 types shared web hosting plans – Spark, Nitro and Dynamo. Each plan provides a free domain name and automatic blog installation from control panel center. If we just want to move blog site from other hosts, their team can migrate up to 3 websites for us without any charge. We can also choose data center locations for Nitro and Dynamo plans. General blog hosting plan features include:

  • Free domain registration/transfer
  • cpanel/SSH access
  • Automatic blog installation
  • Choice of different data centers
  • Su-php for scripts protection

webhostinghub blog hosting feature

Best Blog Hosting – Performance

The webhostinghub server & network are exactly the same of inmotionhosting for enterprise grade solutions. Their servers are located on both east & west costs of united states with max-speed zone configuration. Each server comes with maximize available server RAM and advanced disk I/O control. The smart system detect the source visit then send out data via most nearby network.

What really makes the fast loading is webhostinghub selling policy. Although their service is pretty affordable, they do not allow overselling for each server space and guarantee each account got dedicated isolated resources. In this way, not only the site performance is improved, a single site failure will not bring down the network.

Best Blog Hosting – Security

Regarding security, webhostinghub applied both hardware level setup & software level configuration. On hardware side, the company use enterprise grade firewall and data encryption solutions. Incoming & outgoing data is well controlled to make sure website is still working good under traffic attacking. There're multiple filtering from data center to monitor such activities with quick response.

On server end, they configured su-php for code safety purpose. Each site can be running under specific user for php scripts instead the same default user for regular php installation. In this way, single site security is greatly improved on code level. Not every host is willing to offer su-php for management skills and server requirement, but it's simple offer from webhostinghub.

Best Blog Hosting – Support

Webhostinghub is probably the only company who has created so many tutorial and support resources for blog platforms such as wordpress. From blog setup to every single problem fixing, they have a plenty of support documents to check around. The company has a team of developers who is working on multiple open source projects and sponsors various events to support bloggers. The whub customer community team constantly creates and shares content to help bloggers succeed.

Plus, their support people are available on many channels such as web chat, ticket, phone call and email. They're also working on lots of blog communities to reply people's question directly.

webhostinghub blog hosting plan

Best Blog Softwares

WordPress(WP) is the most popular Blog software and over 12% used by top 1000,000 websites. No matter if you want to start personal blog or build enterprise website, wordpress is the best and ease to use software. wordpress hosting is supported by all web hosting providers.

Movable Type(MT) is another nice blog & CMS system based on perl language and it's the only blog system which is compatible with many database engines. Many fans love it for the clean design and powerful plugins, it has everything you can expect for blog design.

b2evolution is a powerful blog tool you can install on your own website. It has all the features of traditional blog tools and extended them with evolved features such as file & photo management, versatile skins, multiple blogs, detailed user permissions.

Wordpress vs MT vs B2evolution

They're all popular blog platforms that serve millions users but which should we choose? MovableType and B2evolution are earliest blog systems that has been stable & powerful, they're started for developer purpose and little complex for start users. The admin side is more like a CMS system. On the other hand, wordpress is pretty clean and easy to use no matter if you're developer or new user. All needed functions are designed via few links navigation. If you want to start a blog, wordpress will be TOP choice with no doubt. Actually, most blog sites are now powered by wordpress for it's great themes and plugins resources. No matter if you want to use wordpress as blog or other website purpose such as ecommerce site or even FORUM, wordpress can do it with no problem!

Wordpress official site:

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