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Brief introduction of green hosting

Green Hosting or Eco-friendly web hosting is addition to the field of website hosting which involves a given website hosting company attempting to prove that they are not having any negative impact on the environment in an attempt to attract consumers. The term green put into consideration is meant to reduce atmosphere pollution by traditional power station and change to use clean power supply such as wind or solar energy.

How to become green hosting provider?

There're many many things a company needs to do in order to be green hosting provider. Several essential points to determine if the hosting is green:

  1. Purchase green tags or carbon credits
  2. use more energy friendly servers & products
  3. virtualization and data center layout.

In order to attract more customers, many web hosting companies launched green hosting advertising everywhere on internet but you do not have any idea if they're actually green or blue. Generally, If the hosting states to be green, you should see a dedicated page on their site explaining how they're green and their efforts. It's huge investment to become green hosting provider.

Top Green Hosting provider

Hostgator Green Hosting

Hostgator – Green hosting since 2002 and it's one of the largest green hosting provider, serving over 1% of the internet traffic. Hostgator ultilize the biggest green datacenter – softlayer. Only $3.96/mo plus 25% discount via coupon "review25off" you get unlimited disk space & unlimited databases.

Greengeeks Hosting

Greengeeks – Proud to be 300% Wind Powered Green Hosting, it's the world's NO.1 green energy hosting provider who has donated so much for environment protection. Greengeeks $3.95/mo plan comes with $30 discount with coupon "todayoffer". With this price you get  free domain name and almost all other services for unlimited. Furthermore, they will plant a tree for you!

Ipage Green Hosting

Ipage – a wind-energy leader, their hosting prevents the release of 2,660 metric tons of carbon fuel each year. iPage is now offering $1.99/mo promotional price. This makes ipage the most affordable green hosting provider. If you have limited budget and looking for reliable green hosting service, ipage is definitely the best choice today!

How do we rate the Best green hosting?

With up to date hosting technologies, many hosting grow up green. However, it doesn't mean all they are good. A good green hosting provider is not only rated by power supply but also service quality and many other strict rules such as server performance, uptime statistics, client satisfaction and technical skills, etc

Who's the best green hosting? The best Awards goes to greengeeks! Greengeeks strictly follows the rules to prepare server products as well as network backbones. Either from electricity supply & or server optimization for less energy consumption, their people did lots of research to ensure everything is setup on top standards.

Plus, GreenGeeks has a team of experienced people in handling troubles. Their support team including CEO are pretty active in various forums to communicate with people directly. Their people are truely the best who cares about what users really need.

What really makes greengeeks outstanding is their company policies. They use energy saving offices to reduce electricity usage and eat home cooking food instead buying fast food outside. In this way they reduced plastic pollution with their own effort. As we see, they put the green idea to daily life not just their service!

More About Green Hosting

Actually, no matter if we like or not, the hosting industry is going green step by step. Because the datacenters consume too much energy and many countries have issued laws to reduce carbon emmission to atmosphere. Leading web hosting services already setup their own green datacenters or rent the space from quality green datacenter providers. The best doing is from US service providers where nuclear and wind energy being used most efficiently. That's why US is primary consideration for website hosting.

So basically, if we're looking for high quality green hosting service, US is direction to leading hosting providers because most of them are green.

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