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best wordpress hosting

Wordpress Overview

WordPress is an open sourced blog platform powered by PHP/ MySQL, it's actualy more than a blog but a Content Management System (CMS) based its thousands of plug-in architecture and theme system. WordPress is used by over 12% of the top 1,000,000 websites for different websites purpose. Blog? Shopping cart or anything else? WordPress is only limited only by your imagination!

Wordpress Hosting Quick View

The wordpress hosting requirement is all about php & mysql, both windows and linux hosting will be working for wordpress site. PHP 4.3 or greater, Mysql version 4.1.2 or greater. WordPress can be setup via few clicks away as it's already included from many development tools such as webmatrix and hosting control panel installers like softaculous etc.

Should you choose linux or windows to host wordpress site? Linux is absolutely perfect choice from any side view and we can take lots of other advantages from wordpress itself. For most online support resources are also linux based in case you're not awared of.

InMotionHosting( is awarded the best wordpress hosting by editorial evaluation and testing over speed, wordpress hosting plan feature, security and side by side review for many wordpress site requirements.

Best WordPress Hosting – Ease of Use

InmotionHosting provides standard cpanel hosting service via multiple grades plans from shared, VPS and dedicated servers. Each plan is managed by cpanel control panel for any account level service configuration. WordPress installation is nothing but few clicks away by auto installer. InmotionHosting system automatically detect any update and apply fixes from background.

In case we're not familiar with this software, the tech team prepared step by step video tutorials and FAQ knowledge base. Actually, even if we search the support resources from popular search engines like google, lots of destination pages are on inmotionhosting site. These professional and useful articles are updated regularly to make sure everything is new.

Inmotion hosting wordpress features

Best WordPress Hosting – Performance

The company use standard DELL server with maximum available CPU/RAM configuration. SSD is included for all hosting plans. All servers are powered in world class data centers from east and west coasts. They even setup the first green data center in Los Angeles. Among their own data centers, inmotionhosting team configured max-speed zone service. With this, when people browse to our website, the server will automatically detect the source then send out data by nearby network.

Plus, InmotionHosting has co-operation with lots of data center services on global nodes. Based the huge network facility, the company setup their own CDN service for fast response on each location on the planet.

Best WordPress Hosting – Security

Security is core for any website. For inmotion hosting, the tech team applied hardware and software level configuration and network level firewall protection. For hardware level, the server provides enterprise grade security structures with dedicated anti virus unit for real time monitoring. On server OS, it has Mcafee and iptables installed with active detection of doubtable codes and traffic.

What talked more with inmotion hosting is their su-php configuration. Suphp let each account php sites run under their own users instead system level user for all. In this way, the php codes are well protected and malicious code can not be harmful to overall security.

inmotion hosting wordpress support

Best WordPress Hosting – Support

Definitely the highest level from hosting industry. Inmotion Hosting provides extremely helpful customer support side by side. They're probably the only one who created so many support resources for wordpress site. Their people are actually developers, what they post on support base are actually their development experience. From base to top, you can find each single piece support.

On live support side, they have live chat, ticket and email. We can connect to different department directly for fast solution. They're working 24*7 to make sure every call can be handled properly. Although they're professional developers, they're able to reply via simple and easy to understand words.

inmotion hosting wordpress plan

What makes up a good WordPress hosting?

1. LAMP environment – LAMP stands for Linux + Apache + Mysql + PHP, LAMP is highly suggested for both performance and security over your wordpress site. If the hosting offers litespeed instead, it'll be more great since it's 10 times faster and 100% compatible with apache rules!

2. Friendly control panel – Good control panel for wordpress is followed by Cpanel. It's also recognized the best and standard control panel solution for linux web hosting service.

3. Auto installer – A good wordpress hosting provider always come with the auto installation of wordpress. You can find more on this auto installer script page.

4. Uptime and customer support – The wordpress hosting provider should guarantee at least 99% uptime and offer 24 * 7 live support whenever you got into any issues with the service.

5. At least 30 days money back guarantee – In case we're not satisfied with the service we can get money back

Why Choose WordPress?

Wordpress is often the primary choice for personal blog or enterprise website design mostly because of it's ease-to-use and seo friendly structure. With thousands of skins and plugins, you can do whatever to your wordpress site. the use of wordpress is only limited by your imagination.

There're thousands of communities and groups actually live on wordpress, they design wordpress templates plugins upon user requirements and charge for it. With their efforts, wordpress is currently used for content management, personal/enterprise blogs, online stores and even forums!

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