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For website development, creating functions with the least codes is always expected. With the fast developing web technologies, many solutions are provided from MS team. Today let's check out one of the most popular technologies — Razor. If you're currently using it from your project, let's also find out which razor hosting plan is right to deal with. Razor Introduction

Razor is an ASP.NET programming syntax used to create dynamic web pages with the C# or VB programming languages. It's an ASP.NET view engine and known as "Razor Engine" or "Razor Syntax". The Razor engine can be added directly from IIS manager "Add > View" dialog. From there you can check & select all available view engines on your machine. Razor is based on ASP.NET and designed for creating web applications. It has the power of traditional ASP.NET markup, but it is easier to use and easier to learn.

What's amazing in Razor?

The idea of Razor is to create an optimized syntax for HTML. For example the traditional ASP.NET .aspx markup syntax using <%= %> blocks to indicate code blocks. From Razor, we can use @ character directly for such job and no need explicit closing of the code-block. That means the work on code writing is greatly reduced and the overall code structure is more clear.

From the Razor official release, it has the following features included

  • Compact, Expressive, and Fluid: Razor minimizes the number of characters and keystrokes required in a file.
  • Easy to Learn: You use all your existing language and HTML skills.
  • Works with any Text Editor: Razor doesn’t require a specific tool.
  • Has great Intellisense: Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Web Developer 2010 have full editor intellisense for it.
  • Unit Testable: Without requiring a controller or web-server, and can be hosted in any unit test project. Razor tech resource:

TOP razor web hosting

You might have experienced with the Razor superiority in web development. But who will provide us quality razor web hosting service and serv our razor web projects properly? Because Razor is MVC 3.0 related technology, it's already 2 years since from the MVC 3.0 official release. So logically any quality ASP.NET hosting provider would be able to support Razor. However, because of the complex industry, it's hard to determine who's offering honest service and who's not. Based my personal experience with various windows hosting companies, I highly recommend the following

  • Arvixe — Primary recommendation for windows & hosting solution. Client will get get Remote IIS manager access to customize your website directly on hosting server.
  • Hostgator — One of the best hosting providers who give out all up to date tech support and leading hosting features. They even give visitors an official coupon to save 20% from ordering.
  • Winhost — Winhost is one of the most affordable hosting providers with rich features hosting plans. With winhost is we'll get full version sql server database support with remote connection for any hosting plan.

Arvixe razor hosting Razor Hosting FAQs

What's razor hosting? razor hosting means a type of hosting service with razor support. It's commonly supported by decent hosting plans.

What's razor hosting server requirement? razor works with MVC3. Means as long as hosting server has .net 4.0 pre-installed then there'll be no problem to host razor applications.

What factors to check for good razor hosting?

You're simply looking for a good hosting. The hosting service must be configurd with the latest server platform with up to date frameworks installation. The server uptime must be guaranteed for 99% at least with lots of leading hosting features to support your .net website. The most important part – their support staff must be knowlegeable to deal with common issues so you don't have to beg for better solution every time!

Who's best razor hosting?

The best hosting in our top list is arvixe. Either for hosting plan features or server uptime or tech support, Arvixe is simply unbeatable by most their competitors. The arvixe hosting service is setup on windows server 2012 with full trust support. You can fully customize configurations via remote iis manager. You also get dedicated application pools with dedicated memory resource.

Visit Arvixe for hosting plan features

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