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When dealing with web hosting service, we certainly need a web address to put up our website. We can either take the advantage of top level domain registration or the free sub domain from hosting provider. However, in this article I would like to talk about the sub domain under our main domain names. Let's find out the advantages of using sub domains and how to choose the correct sub domain name hosting provider.

When do you need sub domain name?

Sub domain is popularly offered on some large scale websites. Let's say you're operating an online service and you're going to develop more functions and offer a personal website to each registered member. Creating subfolder under the main domain is definitely not a good solution since it will affect the performance as the folder numbers going up. Under such circumstance, setup sub domain name for each user would be the ideal choice.

What's the typical live example on internet? Absolutely the popular blog system such as and, when we register we will be able to create a personal website on a sub domain. Another good example is on web hosting. After account registration and activation we will be assigned with at least one sub domain name for testing purpose. In a word, when you're offering many services on your website, you should consider using sub domain names for better management.

More Sub Domain Advantages

I have to say, sub domain is a must feature if you're going to promote your website in long term. Following returns are expected

  • Website SEO — With no doubt, the most successful websites are all big size with lots of internal/external links plus a great amount web contents. Offerring sub domain name to people simply means to add more content to your website. It's all fresh when search engine bots crawling around. What's the result? our website will be more friendly to SE and rank high! The more developed, the more benefit in return.
  • Brand promotion — Sub domain name is perfect way for brand promotion. For example, there're several sub domain names with quality contents and rank high. Which name will be advertised more? Absolutely our top level domain. The more construction on sub domain names the more promotion will be on our actual domain brand!

Based above advantages, we're very close to business success. But please keep in mind we should not abuse the advantages or else it will be disaster to our entire website. Just handle it correctly and enjoy the big success in return!

Best Sub Domain Name Hosting?

Sub domain name is supported by every hosting provider, but it doesn't mean all hosting plans will work properly with us. For example if we just want to use an existing sub domain and host the top level domain somewhere else, then a regular shared hosting plan should work well. However, like the cases we discussed above, a less quality hosting will never be suitable. Many hosting providers announce to offer unlimited sub domain support but the never explained how it's offered. For big size website system, the shared server resource won't be enough to store all data and traffic.

So make sure we understand our needs and the hosting plan features clearly. Also please keep in mind everything has a limitation. For those who announce to offer unlimited service, we should evaluate their reputation in hosting industry and discuss more with other people. Any effort is valuable before paying, because we need the right service that will work with the best.

Who do we recommend? We have good experience with lots of hosting brands but arvixe is definitely our best recommendation. With arvixe hosting service you can create unlimited sub domains and build different websites for each sub domain!

Visit arvixe for full hosting features on

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2 thoughts on “Best Sub Domain Name Hosting

  1. Karen Walker - July 1, 2012 at 6:38 pm

    Hello I currently have my web site hosted by Low Cost Names (LCN) but the other day I wanted to upgrade and add on some pages, but unfortunately they have started to use a new software and it would take me weeks to start again and learn the new software. Is this something that you could help with?

    Many Thanks

    • Hosting reviews - July 2, 2012 at 1:51 am

      As about the specific hosting service issues, I suggest you contact LCN support directly since they have full access to their system. What I can offer is general assistance with my personal experience. Regards


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