Arvixe Local language Service

Arvixe local language service

As we know, a local web hosting provider is better for service management such as tech support, server speed and the most important – payment solution. During the past few years, arvixe is well recognized for their high performance USA hosting service but are you awared they have local language websites? They have more than 10 languages support to people from those major service area. Let's find out how its offered and how you can benefit from this.


Arvixe manages total of 13 sites targeted to different countries like USA, UK, Russia, Mexico, China and Germany etc. Each site is registered through local top registra with local language translation. From sevice description or support materials. They have localized everything to support local country clients. Seriously, it's not automatic translation by any tool as it followed by local habits.

Programmers are good at technical but not always good at English, if there's an excellent international hosting provider and provide local language support, then problem fixed because a programmer knows exactly what kind of service he will need and not waste a penny.


The biggest advantage with arvixe local sites. While their people translated everything to different languages, they even added local payment gateways to their service. For example they support webmoney payment for Russia clients and Alipay for Chinese customers. People can easily pick up the most prefered way to submit payment but not worrying about no credit card or any local restriction. Many people do not have or use credit card though its very popular solution in USA or UK. In some degrees, the CC payment blocks lots of potential customers because they don't have one.

The Spotlights

The biggest spotlight is arvixe provides total of three sites to Chinese users – Simplified /Traditional Chinese support to people from China mainland, Hongkong and Taiwan. This shows the arvixe concern to this active market

Arvixe International Hosting FAQs

What're the available local language sites from arvixe?
There're total of 13 websites under arvixe, they're translated to local languages properly such as French, Russian, Chinese etc. For more information, visit these sites at


Do I get local support?
Unfortunately, it's still supported by people from USA, but you can speak local languages and their people can support you properly.

Do I get local server hosting?
No, the server is also from USA data centers. Though it's from USA, the company optimized their connections and co-operate with lots of global internet providers to delivery their service in quick time.

Is it charged different than arvixe US service?
Customer will be billed by local currency and the price is the same of USD by exchange rate. The payment is processed by local gateways to make sure you can submit smoothly.

What's the difference between the local sites & main site?
The only difference is about languages. While their main site is in English, there're different languages for local sites.

Should I sign up local site or main site?
If you prefer to deal with everything in English, the main site would be excellent choice because all their people can support you properly. If you can understand the service better via local language, then just follow their local site and you have more payment options.

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