Why iPage is Best for Small Website

Find a proper web hosting plan is pretty hard when you decide to put up a small site for hobbies like blog, photograhy or personal profile setup etc. You must find a hosting service with 100% compatibility, and you never wish to over pay it! Because of the complicacy for hosting industry, lots of providers over advertised their services to get your business. This article explains why ipage is different from other providers from indepth reviews by editoral experience.

iPage Introduction
iPage(www.ipage.com) is one of the most well know budget hosting services that come with a bounch of leading hosting features. Since 1998, ipage has been powering more than 1 million personal and business websites on the planet. For very a long time, ipage had been featured with a single shared hosting plan. Since August 2013, ipage launched both VPS & Dedicated server service with very affordable price and seamless upgrade.

iPage is best choice by following

Great Hosting features
iPage provides full features for personal website hosting. This includes a free domain registration/transfer, unlimited disk storage and data transfer, unlimited websites and databases per single hosting account. You also get over $400 free credits for search engine advertising and sitebuilding service. In a word, ipage has prepared a full range of service to help with your website development, hosting and promotion. You simple get one stop website solution from ipage service.

ipage hosting features

Great Server peformance
iPage manage both servers and data centers by inhouse tech teams. Their group put all hosting servers in their own data center space instead of renting from other data center providers. Their data centers are powered by multiple premium bandwidth providers including level3, At&T, He.net and almost every available famous providers from United States. Each server is guarded by anti-virus firewalls and hacking monitor systems. Since the ipage web hosting is targeted for small to medium size websites, there's very few abusement founded for the past years. Server uptime by pingdom reports is 99.8%+ during the last 6 months

Ease of use
Web hosting with ipage means simple! their team managed doing so from vdeck control panel solution. Normally you have to manage different service from different panels with different logins such as billing, domain registration and website management etc. But everything is well categorized under Vdeck.

Vdeck is their inhouse developed software which is recognized improved version cpanel. With this control panel system you can manage billing, domain names, website, marketing and support under the same GUI but don't have to open multiple windows. Most popular website scripts like wordpress, joomla and oscommerce etc are all included from simplescripts auto installer, just few clicks away to have it installed on your site. You no longer need to deal with the boring download/uploading process.

Lots of support resources
Various support articles and tutorials are provided by ipage group. They provide a resourceful knowledge base including common questions FAQs, step by step website guidance and video tutorials. Those solutions are well categorized with easy navigations. They never stopped improvement by adding new materials based live experience. Users be able to get clear answers for most problems in using their hosting service, just follow the guidance to trouble shoot problems on your website.

But in case you do have the need, ipage provides live support in multiple channels like web chat, US toll free phone calls, emails and tickets. Their support team is available 24*7*365 so you can always expect a live voice to assist you in real time.

We just discussed about ipage VPS and dedicated service in the last article posting. In case your website has grew up and shared server is no longer good enough to work well, just upgrade to vps server with zero downtime. Once you determine to upgrade, their tech team will help with seamless transitionby following your requests. Their vps servers are all cloud technologies based for instant provision, you can expect new service ready in few minutes! You can't get such service from any other provider.

ipage price advantage

Super affordable price
The best and most important feature of ipage hosting is their super low cost plan. Just $1.99/mo to start with and you get free domain registration plus all leading tools for website building. Where else you can expect such offer? Absolutely nowhere! Either for shared or vps or dedicated server plans, you will receive good promotional price with leading configuration. But what happen in case you're not satisfied? No worries, their company support anytime money back guarantee so you can get back all unused fund after cancellation!

Our experience
We have hosted personal blog site on ipage server since 2008. The price is $4.5/mo at that time which is also pretty competitive comparing to other providers. During the past 5 years, we migrated the blog site to multiple other service including coolhandle, ixwebhosting and hostcolor but finally we moved back to ipage for better stability and management. If you need to host a blog site now, ipage is the best choice for high performance and less cost

Go to ipage and view hosting details http://www.ipage.com

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