Why eNom is Best Domain Reseller Choice?

why enom is best domain reseller choice

You can get hundreds of top level hosting providers easily by simple search, but you will find it hard to tell out 10 top level domain registrars because ICANN has pretty strict rules to approve a domain registrar. Instead, many companies seek for reseller option to provide domain registration service in quick time. If you search on the web or look at your existing hosting companies service especially reseller plans, you will see many of them use enom for domain reseller provider. Why is this? In this article we'll unveil the secret.

About Enom
The company eNom(www.enom.com) was founded in 1997 as wholesale domain registrar with reseller option. Till present, eNom manages more than 30,000 active resellers and more than 14 million domains with their service. eNom is by far the second largest domain registrar beyond godaddy and provide various services related to domain name like SSL certificate, web hosting and email etc.

Of course, there're lots of other popular domain registrars and almost all come with reseller service plans. But eNom definitely provides more advantages to work with. Some leading advantages such as the following:

  • Historical reliability. eNom is one of the earliest top level domain registrars approved by ICANN. Over the past yeas, they got millions of loyal and happy clients. Their service is approved to be reliable and helpful. That's how they're trusted by so many reseller websites. Users can process and monitor all domain services professionally in reseller center.
  • Easy integration. eNom provides great APIs to integrate domain registration on your website. They provide great documentation on how to add the service to your business. Some popular billing softwares like whmcs and whm autopilot have enom api included by default, just fill out your reseller codes to get started. Some other providers just provide a simple api and you have to program the entire system by yourself which is a big challenge to lots of users. eNom wins at the very beginning.
  • Good price rate. Reseller service is always not free to join, but you have free option from eNom. You can bill your customer first then register domain manually on behalf of them or purchase the upgrade service for auto processing. The upgrade price is one time $195 on eNom site.
  • Easy management. You and your clients will have full access for domain management like domain contact info and DNS servers as well as domain redirection etc. Users also be able to transfer in/out easily without having to contact you for assistance. This obviously simplified the service for professinality and reduced your support efforts.

Besides all above, eNom provides pretty nice support to resellers. The eNom service is heavily reseller based and their group provides dedicated resource for reseller accounts. You get multiple help channels on their website like FAQ knowledge base, Email, phone calls and tickets etc. Other leading domain registrars may provide similar features but definitely more complex to deal with or come with less support like eNom.

Best eNom domain reseller deal

If you're ready to sign up eNom reseller service, their official site is actually not the best place to register. Instead, you can get much better deal from their partner groups like hostgator, greengeeks and lots of other hosting providers. They will create eNom domain reseller account for free with less cost upgrade service for VPS and reseller hosting plans. We highly recommend to check out hostgator who is by far the largest reseller hosting company.

hostgator free enom service

Hostgator provides free eNom domain reseller account for vps, reseller and dedicated server plans. If you choose to auto processing upgrade, the cost is $100 instead $195 which is showed on official eNom site. Here's a list of available domain TLDs with price for eNom reseller

  1. .Com($10.52)
  2. .Net($10.52)
  3. .Org($10.26)
  4. .Biz($10.26)
  5. .Us($10.26)
  6. .Info($10.26)

By default, the free domain reseller account is tagged as "Sub Retail" where you have to process domain registration manually on behalf of your clients. If you want to auto process everything, just pay $100 to upgrade to "Sub Reseller". Here're the main difference between the two plans

Sub Retail:

  • You pay with a credit card PER each domain registration
  • You do not have access to the eNom reseller tools
  • HostGator has full access to your domain names

Sub Reseller:

  • You make a $100.00 deposit and keep a positive balance on your account. (credit card and PayPal will remove 3% per transaction)
  • You have access to the eNom reseller tools and sub account structure. (eNom API and Registry Rocket)
  • HostGator has limited access to your domain names
  • Set your own default DNS to be used when registering domains
  • Set your own default information for the WHOIS information when you register domains

Visit hostgator and view domain reseller details http://www.hostgator.com

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