iPage VPS & Dedicated Server Hosting

ipage vps & dedicated server hosting

iPage finally launched VPS and dedicated server hosting plans after several months preparing. If you have used ipage shared web hosting services and got good growth on website, you don't have to switch hosting providers anymore. Just upgrade directly for higher hosting solutions and keep your business always up!

What's good of ipage virtual server and dedicated plans? What's included with the offer? If you're considering to upgrade to this service or evaluating for the first time, we're going to clear out all your doubts and find the backend secrets so you can sign up with the best deal.

About ipage VPS server hosting

iPage released their vps server plans in the end of August 2013 with a bunch of industry standards and competitive offers. All vps server plans are managed service where you get all necessary tools and service to work with. Here's quick view of the main features:

  • Up to 4-Core CPU & 8GB RAM
  • Free domain name registration/transfer
  • 40GB storage with up to 4TB monthly bandwidth
  • Centos 6.4 and cpanel control panel
  • 20% discount for initial term
  • 100% wind energy power supply

ipage vps server hosting

iPage VPS Spotlights in details

  1. Server OS. As we see, ipage introduced industry leading choice – Centos for all vps servers. Centos is recognized as production server choice based the great compatibility with management tools and great performance. You can easily install softwares and updates via few commands.
  2. Control panel. You will get the best server control panel – Cpanel for server management. Basically you get standard cpanel installation with latest updates for production server purpose. Root access is optional if you prefer to command line operation.
  3. Cloud based flexibility. Your vps server is created via cloud computing. All server resources can be customized and provised instantly. If you have outgrew the current server plan, there's no need additional sign up, their people can handle seamless migration/upgrade with no service failure to your account.
  4. Leading technology and support. All vps servers are semi-private for guaranteed memory and all server resources. Each vps server will work independently with no effect each other. Moreover, their support staff is monitoring equipments around the clock in data center space for instant response in case problem occurs.

About iPage Dedicated server plans

The ipage dedicated servers come with exactly the same features as VPS plans. You get same technical offers and support as well as promotion rates. The only difference is you get dedicated equipments and much more resources in data center space. You can make full use of all available resources to fulfill your needs. There're total of 3 dedicated server plans to subscribe and upgrade. Server specifications are configured as following:

  • Intel Xeon E3 – 1220LV2 3.5 GHZ
  • 4-16 GB RAM with upgrade option
  • CentOS 6.4 with cPanel installation
  • 20% discount for the first payment term

Because it's a dedicated server, almost everything can be customized so what's showed on their page is really not so important. Just send your requirement to their team and they will prepare a server for good price.

ipage dedicated server hosting

iPage VPS and Dedicated Server secret revealed

So what's the secret behind? You might have surprised about the great deal and decide to purchase. But please keep reading and find more.

As we know, iPage and many of its sister brands like fatcow, ipower etc are Vdeck control panel based hosting service on Debian linux. The vdeck is inhouse developed control panel software by endurance group and only available to their own hosting brands. They might not ready to offer this control panel to VPS or dedicated server yet for any reason but it's quite rare to get cpanel option from their service. From editors interview, we finally found those servers are actually created from bluehost data centers. Means it's part of bluehost service but just offered in different terms. If we compare their server plans we'll find all server details and even price are exact the same. However, bluehost dedicated server definitely provides better price where users get 50% discount for the first term, but we just receive 20% discount from ipage for same service.

Bluehost manages total of 3 leading data centers in Utah. Based its previous stats revealed by Matt heaton, bluehost servers just took about 25% server racks so there're lots of free space for new server installation. Although hostgator has migrated their servers there, at least 30% free space left for new servers. Since bluehost was merged to EIG group, all existing facilities are totally managed by new teams. It's not a surprise to see they provide VPS and dedicated server plans on more and more sites because they want to be profitable from unused space.

So, do we recommend the ipage upgrade server plans? You might have found the price difference for initial terms. However, the promotinal price is only for the first month and you have to pay full amount after that period. In case you have business from ipage hosting and need higher hosting solutions, we don't recommend to migrate to bluehost just because you can get few bucks discount for the first month. You might have to deal with various problems during migrating to new server. Instead, you upgrade is almost automatically with ipage because their people will handle everything on behalf of you. No worries for a single failure!

Go to ipage for server plan details http://www.ipage.com/advanced-hosting

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