VPS or Reseller for Hosting Business?

vps or reseller to create your web hosting business

There're multiple choice to start your web hosting business. The direct and most simple solution is to become reseller of a reputable hosting service. You also have choice to use VPS or dedicated server then offer hosting space to clients. But what would be the best choice? What's the pros and cons in using reseller hosting and VPS server? We have compiled a list of comparison between the two options and check who provides the best service.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is a type of hosting service where you get authority to sell server space from existing hosting service. Normally, you get a client management system and billing management system. What you need to prepare is a website for service promotion.

VPS Hosting

VPS is simply a small server where you get root access for side by side customization. There're both managed and unmanaged vps server provided depends your needs. From tech sight, you can use vps server for any kind purpose.

If you plan to launch your own web hosting service and looking for the best solution, reseller and VPS are always top considerations. But before you go, let's learn about the two products from indepth reviews

VPS vs Reseller Hosting – Ease of Use

Absolutely reseller hosting wins for ease of use comparison. With reseller hosting service, what you just need to do is website promotion for more orders. The technical stuff such as server setup, optimization and security etc are all handled by uplevel hosting support. They will also handle account backup and tech support. You can easily decide what to offer to people based the existing features from uplevel hosting.

For vps server, you have to configure everything from scratch like website creation, server optimization and software installation and all other required tools for web hosting business. Basically, you have to be some kind of technical and be skillful in system management to configure a vps server for hosting business purpose. Unless you have great experience or got a nice team to deal with the technical part, vps is not suggested for web hosting offer.

VPS vs Reseller Hosting – Costs

vps vs reseller hosting - costs

Reseller hosting wins again with regarding to costs. Reseller hosting plans normally starts with about $20/mo and everything is ready for live hosting service. You need following softwares at least to start hosting service: Control panel, billing system, firewall and monitoring software. All these softwares are ready from a reseller service and no extra fees required. However, you have to prepare everything for VPS server and each software will result in monthly fees. The more service you add the more costs it will be. You must have a clear plan and evaluate carefully between investment and revenue.

VPS vs Reseller Hosting – Level of Access

vps vs reseller hosting - level of access

VPS wins for level of server access. From traditional reseller hosting, what you get is a simple client management panel and billing management panel. What you can edit is all from control panel software, you don't get server root access because that's the property of uplevel hosting company. You're playing more like an advanced client where you can manage multiple sub clients.

Things are completely different for vps server. Because you have root access to setup everything, you fully understand how's going and be able to make instant changes. You don't have to wait long for hosting company assistance. It's extremely helpful when urgent support needed from customer end but hosting company support is busy!

VPS vs Reseller Hosting – Scalability

vps vs reseller hosting - scalability

VPS provides more scalability in case your business grows further. Normally, there's account numbers limitation for reseller hosting service. After you used up the allocation, you have to upgrade to higher plan or create another reseller account which is pretty unprofessional for management.

But VPS is scalable for itself. Some main features like disk storage, RAM, CPU and other resources can be added on the fly. In case there's really a need for dedicated server, the migration is pretty streight and fast. You won't loose a single service.

VPS vs Reseller Hosting – Brand promotion

If you are going to promote your business for brand purpose, reseller hosting is not the right choice. With reseller hosting, all your customer accounts are located on uplevel hosting servers where you don't have direct access for server end modifications and in case there's server end problems such as overloading or hacking, you have nothing to do but to wait for solutions from hosting support.

Via VPS, you manage all properties by your own. You can tighten your server security via all available resources by following professional practice. In this way you can ensure the best server performance and security as much as possible. What most important is you will learn how to manage a healthy server and gain experience for further growth. You can't get such experience from traditional reseller hosting.

Best VPS & Reseller Hosting Plan

After reviewed the top 10 reseller and VPS hosting providers, arvixe(www.arvixe.com) is awarded the best choice based server features, price and addon services. The arvixe vps and reseller hosting plans are almost provided the same except for monthly fees. Arvixe VPS and reseller plans both provide the following out standing features

  • Windows & Linux Server platforms
  • One free domain name for life
  • Unlimited Hosting accounts opportunity
  • Unlimited Mysql/Sql server databases
  • Free SSL certificate for life
  • Free cpanel/websitepanel pre setup
  • Free whmcs billing software license
  • Free sitebuilder and softaculous installer

arvixe reseller hosting features

It's hard to get both windows and linux reseller hosting opportunities and more hard to get same offer for vps server. You can make full use of arvixe vps server for reseller purpose because all needed tools have provided like control panel and billing software etc. A good start means half sucess, arvixe would be your lucky star for web hosting success!

Visit arvixe official site for full details http://www.arvixe.com

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