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Most of the time when we evaluate a hosting service, US location is an important factor for final decision. Although web hosting is available anywhere in the world, why we still prefer to US service? This article provides in-depth investigation on this topic and guidance on how to choose from the leading providers.

Price value

You get what you pay, this is gold rule for all industries. However, you get much more from US for web hosting service. Even those budget hosting plans provide unlimited space, bandwidth and database etc. But such features are limited from many outside US providers. At the meanwhile, server performance and overall uptime guarantee is not even compatible.

US hosting server plans always provide free email service and a free domain registration while it's add-on service from lots of other providers. Because of this, you don't have to pay more to get the same service from US companies.

Fast connectivity

US is the origin of internet and manages 10 root DNS servers. Lots of US hosting companies have setup their own data centers with leading technologies. Because of the matured market and technologies, they can easy get strong support from upstream providers and be able to co-operate with various data center services. Another point is all continents are connected to US via fiber networks. That means we won't see clear latence in browsing a US or local hosted website. Especially when you want to open international business, US server has big advantage either for speed or user friendly or search engine friendly.


With regarding to stability, US server provides unbeatable advantages especially when the server is under some kind attacking like dDos, there's no better place than US for guaranteed performance and security. Being the internet origin, there're lots of reputable ISP with leading hardware and technology base. They have sufficient bandwidth and IP resource to filter spam traffic so your website server can be always in safe hand. Because of this, 99%+ server uptime is simple guarantee by lots of US hosting providers.

Customer service

US hosting servers are supported 24*7*365 by multi level professionals in different contact channels. They're available via web chat, hotline tel phones, email and helpdesk ticket. Most of the time, customer request can be forwarded to higher level support directly for quick problem fixing. However, such support feature only available from big providers outside US. And the fact is many small hosting companies are doing reseller of US hosting, they have to check with actual support frequently for customer concerns. Just imagine there's urgent fix to be applied at midnight for your website, how can you go without a reputable support service?


After many years' development, the US hosting is now a matured industry with lots of standards to follow up. For linux hosting plans, over 90% are cpanel based for easy and user friendly purpose. In this way, customers do not need to learn a bit for new environment. cPanel provides you full access for hosting service management.

Things are different from other providers, in order to reduce investment or for any other reasons, they use custom control panel with their own styles. Because of this, we have to learn a lot to be familiar with it. Also, for such control panel system, many functions are removed to ensure the server security. Thus if we want to make some sensitive changes, we have to contact support.

From above comparison, we know US hosting service provides unbeatable advantages from any side review. Actually, not only for hosting, US is also leading on many other internet related products because of its advanced hardware/software structures. The most important is about their long history in offering the service, they got sufficient experience in configurition and how to deal with various problems. They provide different hosting solutions to support your various requirements like budget hosting and managed hosting. You can always get the proper plan with quanlity support.

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