How to Increase Website Conversion Rate?

website conversion rate

What's website conversion rate? To be short, it's the sales ratio comparing to your website traffic. it's the purpose of any e-commerce groups' hard working. Most of the time, it represents your website popularity and satisifaction degrees to your website visitors. It's also the sole target for many SEO teams. In this posting I would like to discuss what kind of factors affected your website conversion rate and how to improve.

How to increase website conversion rate?

In Bryan Eisenberg's speech, he revealed the secret of increasing website conversion rate and the detailed methods. Here're the essence of the speech.

Nobody is professional from the very begining, the high rate website conversion is from all your experience and practice in the past. So you must dig and practise more in order to keep your website visitors just like Mike Jordan. Three principles to affect your website conversion rate: Relevancy, Reliability, Website Navigation.

Relevancy — It can be understood differently by different people. Relevancy means if you can provide what your visitors actually need or give them correct suggestions on your website. You might have to gather information as more as you can from real user experience in order to offer it to site reader. As long as you managed doing this, your website bounce rate will be decreased obviously. To archive such purpose you need to learn from some successful website carefully.

Reliability — Generally speaking, the longer the website in history the more reliable to users. That's why timed websites always get more priorities. Unless you're running new website for branded products in live store, you must work hard to setup the reliability.

Website Navigation — There should be clear navigations on your website and guide your visitors properly to make the order. People do not wish to spend more time on your website to find where the product is. If they can't find what they wanted they will leave right away.

Because it's e-commerce website, the website should be products based but not beatiful words. Simple and professional design would be the basic requirements.

Secrets of increasing your website conversion rate

  • Ideas are expressed clearly with easy navigation.
  • Products are matched to the website topics properly and clearly guidance to make order.
  • Convince visitors to purchase on your website with every effort.
  • Fresh ideas on every product page to attract people.
  • Completely know the entire ordering process and provide correct notice.
  • Meet various people's requirements in choosing a product/service
  • Pay attention to social network and let the existing customers to advertise your website.
  • Interacting to your clients and learn their ideas of your service/products and make relative changes on your website.
  • Respond to clients rapidly and catch every potential business.
  • There's a clear and long term optimization plan on the website.
  • Perfect decision through numerical analysis
  • Fast deployment with every fresh idea.

Things you need pay attention to

You might have got the ideas about how to increase website conversion rate by following above post. However, please keep in mind you need continuing work to get any success. Each success is backend of your hard working.

Take web hosting for instance, there're many more works to do. You have to monitor your server/network 24×7 and respond quickly to any outage. You must offer honest service to clients to receive the word by mouth testimonial. Unlike all other type services/products, web hosting service is a continuous effort in offering what you have to people. Any outage or interruption with your service will result in unmetered problems and negative effect to your future business.

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