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SEO is being considered by most webmasters and it's a hot topic on various web forums. As long as your website is set online you will think about how to rank your website high in order to get clients because more and more people are rely on search engines. So what does seo exactly mean? Does SEO Hosting really exist? This is what I would like to discuss in this article. feel free to share your ideas and thoughts.

SEO Hosting Overview

SEO stands for search engine optimization. The term is created at the end of 20th Century when various search engine companies being setup. There're many other word terms related to SEO such as SEM(search engine marketing), SERP(search engine result page) etc. It's necessary to understand their means if you would like to work with SEO.

SEO hosting generally means the hosting server is search engine friendly or not penalized by major search engine providers such as google, yahoo or Bing. To most people, dedicated ip offer is the focus in understanding the term.

What're the factors to affect SEO?

When we talk about SEO, mostly we're referring to google because almost every seo standards are made by this company such as PR(page rank). So what's being measured by google to rank your website? It's actually a complex system to calculate but generally speaking the following aspects are mostly concerned: Proper HTML tags, Easy to crawl website structure, Regualer website update and backlink growth, Fast website loading. Onsite website optimization is most important as you see, you should always consider the basic aspects when your build a website.

Does SEO hosting really exist?

When you search the keyword "seo hosting", the website is the first one in your sight because the domain is completely composed with the keywords. You may also notice many other web hosts who announced to offer mutiple free dedicated IPs for seo hosting advertisement. So does dedicated IP really works for seo? If you check from google's seo documentation you should notice that there's no reference to dedicated ip stuff among hundreds of seo measures.

What does that mean? That means google actually treat shared and dedicated server the same! No matter if you pay several bucks or several hundreds per month, google has no discrimination to your websites, you can safely host your website under shared hosting.

Does that mean dedicated ip is worthless? Absolutely not. When some website got penalized on same hosting server, a dedicated ip will keep your site unaffected because you do not share the same IP address with the bad site. For this case, dedicated IP add extra security protection to your website.

Now you should have learnt the seo hosting is not rely on dedicated ips which is advertised by many hosting companies. To make the hosting search engine friendly, the server must be stable and reliable with less down time to serve your website. A problematic hosting server is never friendly to search engine no matter how many static ips are assigned to.

How to choose the right seo hosting plan?

Since the server uptime is most important for seo, a stable hosting server is what you need when looking for seo hosting plan. When you search for such service, never be misguided by some "end soon" terms or some unbelievable low price. You should always remember you will get what you have paid for. Although the hosting service is more and more cheap comparing to early times, a good rated hosting is always safe choice if you're new to the industry.

Best SEO hosting provider?

Since dedicated ip is not considered for seo anymore and you don't really need it unless you need to apply SSL certificate, a good seo hosting won't advertise such if they know what seo is. From our various web hosting reviews. Arvixe and Inmotionhosting services are highly recommended because of their outstanding hosting features and customer service. The two hosting brands are actually the standards of many other services in the business. Some outstanding hosting features good for seo as following

  • World class datacenters and network backbone
  • 24 x 7 tech support and server monitoring technologies
  • Search engine free credits and tools
  • Discussion forums for SEO problems
  • and more!

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