Unlimited Space Hosting Secret Revealed

unlimited disk space debate

Looking for unlimited disk space hosting solution? Are you aware almost every shared hosting providers are offering unlimited disk space on the web? Indeed, this is almost a MUST feature to attract people's eyeballs. But is it true service? I would like to discuss it more in this article posting and find out who's really offering this service.

How is unlimited space hosting offered?

As we know, the disk space amount is always limited no matter how you configure it. "Unlimited" stuff never exists in logic. So why "unlimited space" is always advertised by various service companies? I have to say, the first company who announced to offer such service is absolutely smart enough because they firstly attracted most people's eyeball. They understand customers' mind perfectly and offer more than what they really expected. So guess what? Unlimited stuff is just business trick to get more orders! Unless you idealy think they could offer what they described on website, you should ignore such points and focus on other features you needed.

Especially for shared hosting server, the disk space usage is actually limited strictly and monitored by system level configurations. Normally, if you go over 10GBs you will get warning from hoster and they will ask you to upgrade or delete files. Most web hosting providers advertise unlimited in plan features but hide the actual limitation in TOS. So please be sure to read TOS before sending out your money.

Is Unlimited Possible?

Based the modern technologies, unlimited space is possible. It's available at cloud computing service where you can add as many hardwares as you like. Especially for those big cloud computing providers like amazon, they have a huge network to work with and each network node can be very scalable to support a big data system. However, the cost is pretty high for cloud hosting, thus its only good solution for enterprise choice.

cloud computing diagram

Do you really need unlimited disk space?

Since unlimited space doesn't exist but just a business trick, you won't get such service anywhere. You should evaluate how much disk space your website might consum on hosting server. It's actually impossible to get lots of space under a shared hosting plan (Just think about the price and other services you get from it). A regular site will rarely use 1GB disk space. Unless you're operating a photo gallery or vedio uploading application, you won't use up the allocated space.

If you really need a lot of space you probably need a vps/dedicated server to deal with. For large size and heavy traffic website, cloud hosting would be the best choice.

Which Hosting offers limited disk space?

In today's hosting industry, it's really hard to find a service provider who offers exact amount officially. By research and webmaster experience. Hawkhost is the best who can offer service in real diagrams. If you don't trust the "unlimited" service from any company, they're worth to check out.

Screenshots as below

hawkhost account space

Why hawkhost provides limited disk space usage? Except for the disk space, you might find some crucial hosting features are limited as well because they treat their hosting servers seriously and just offer the usable part to avoid overloading. Just think about the cheap hosting plan, how could they offer you unlimited service? I have to say, the two companies are some part more honest in doing business on internet because they have kept the limit since from the begining.

What if I need lot of disk space for shared hosting? If you really wish big disk storage for shared hosting environment, dreamhost is probably your best choice. They advertised to offer unlimited space, but from real user experience, their actual limitation is set up to 300GBs which is absolutely leading in hosting industry.

Check out dreamhost for hosting plans http://www.dreamhost.com

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