P2P, P2C, O2O, B2C, B2B, ecommerce terms explained

ecommerce terms explanation

Ecommerce is leading in worldwide business. The players in this cycle including both enterprises and individuals. Because of this, different business modes are developed and if we want to join in, it's necessary to understand the popular terms and their relationships.

P2P, P2C, O2O, B2C, B2B, C2C. These terms are frequently displayed in various news, if we want to earn business success, further understanding of all terms and add to your action!

What's P2P?

Abbreviation of "Peer-to-Peer", means person to person, is a kind of money service. Individuals can get loan from third party P2P platform by some service fees. P2P is pure online business to match different inquiries/offers. The big advantage of P2P is to make full use of free money. However the absolute weakness of this mode is lack of insurrance.

What's O2O?

O2O is a hot term for QR code marketing, means "Online To Offline" to connect traditional business via online marketing. Via online platform, consumers can select product/service directly and do online transactions.

O2O is connecting traditional business with modern platform, advantages on both sides can be perfectly matched so consumers can enjoy good online price and the same quality offline service. The core part of O2O is online payment.

What's B2C?

B2C means Business-to-Customer. Under this business mode, companies sell product/service to final clients directly. The direct thing we can see is store websites by various companies, while they do have real offline shops.

What's B2B?

B2B – Business to Business. Means the business among enterprises. B2B has been developed for many years and now a very powerful engine on the planet. The biggest B2B platform alibaba.com is now one of the most important international brand. There're three points for successful B2B mode:

1. Purchase – B2B web platform provides high quality and low price products.
2. Teamwork – Co-operation with logistics service for guaranteed products delivery.
3. Service – For second purchase

What's C2C?

C2C is dedicated to ecommerce, the number "C" refers to customer. So the term C2C means ecommerce business between individuals. It's popularly showed to us on various personal shopping cart websites such as ebay.

What's P2C?

P2C- Production to Consumer. Under this business mode, product is sent to end user directly from producers, no more middle transaction required. P2C is pretty new after B2B, B2Cand C2C. It's also popularly named "Life service platform". P2C put everything to its platform such as real estate, family service, ticketing, health caring etc.

More terms including:

B2B2C – Business to  – Business to Customer
B2F – Business to Family
SaaS – Software as a Service
PaaS – Platform as a Service
IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service
M-B – Mobile Business
B2G – Business to Government
G2B – Government to Business
B2M – Business to Marketing
M2C – Manufacturers to Consumer
SoLoMo – Social + Local + Mobile
ABC – Agent-Business-Consumer
BAB – Business Agent Business
SNS-EC – Social Network Service-Ecommerce
B2S – Business to Share

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    Please note also OC2O, it is the same as O2O but more correct: Online Commerce To Offline.

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