Sitecloud Merge to Greengeeks

sitecloud merge to greengeeks

Sitecloud has been rated as the best cloud hosting service provider among the fierce competition. Sitecloud is also our most recommended hosting for cloud hosting technologies. But things are changed dramatically today! Sitecloud is announced to close services and migrate everything to their old system – Greengeeks.

Why sitecloud migration?

The simple reason we got from sitecloud's newsletter is because of "Cloud could not be done as efficiently as we had hoped". Their cpanel based cloud hosting infrastructure is not able to support the larger and larger client sign ups. And because of the lack of technologies they have no better way to manage this system. The final decision from sitecloud is to migrate everything to a platform they are very familiar with – Greengeeks.

How is it Explained in Sitecloud Newsletter?

Here's the newsletter raw content sent by sitecloud CEO – Trey Gardner

"Dear kerry,

This is Trey Gardner, CEO of and with important information about

From inception SiteCloud was intended to be a cPanel cloud web hosting provider which would allow larger clients "bursting" capabilities which would be supported by a cloud infrastructure environment. At that time we believed we had a technology expert, who would be able to manage the technical aspects of our Cloud hosting service goals.

Ultimately we learned that once we had started to grow larger that the technical management of our cPanel – Cloud could not be done as efficiently as we had hoped. Last January we moved our hosting services back to a platform we are very familiar with, shared and VPS hosting, and our service standards improved dramatically for everyone.

SiteCloud's support has always been done using staff. was started back in 2007 and we support over 25,000 domains on that service. Since both brands now do the same types of hosting services it no longer makes sense to run each company as individual entities which are supported by the same staff.

Beginning Friday April 8th we will be redirecting all of our SiteCloud visitors over to GreenGeeks. We are migrating all of our customers to the GreenGeeks infrastructure, and no longer taking on new clients under the SiteCloud brand name.

We greatly appreciate your participation in the SiteCloud affiliate program. Moving forward all of your SiteCloud tracking links will continue to work for the remainder of April 2011 and will record sales which are made at GreenGeeks but which first come through your SiteCloud affiliate tracking link.

On May 1st the SiteCloud affiliate tracking links will no longer track sales at GreenGeeks, so if you would like to continue to refer business to us, and we hope that you do, we would like to invite you to become an affiliate of and continue to work with us through the GreenGeeks brand.

I greatly appreciate your working with us and I hope that we may continue to work together through GreenGeeks into the future.

Thank You and have a great rest of the week,

Trey Gardner
CEO – GreenGeeks & SiteCloud"

How do we think about the migration?

There would be two thoughts about the sitecloud migration:

A, it's definitely good choice to serve the existing clients on quality service level. If sitecloud continue with a unstable system but never report the problem anywhere, it must be dangerous to all people and their business. dishonesty will finally destroy their business and sitecloud will be disappeared in short time. So what sitecloud doing is correct for God's safe.

B. Bad news to the industry. Some time ago I found sitecloud removed their shared hosting plan and only VPS server plans available on their website. It's already bad for people who want to try out cloud hosting with an affordable price. Now, sitecloud even dropped all services on this site and move everything to another system, it will surely announce a hot discussion about the cloud computing on various forums.

Is Greengeeks Reliable Web Hosting Provider?

Yes, greengeeks has been doing good, they're the best green hosting company who follow the green rules strictly. We can learn this from their reputance on the internet. Their ceo Trey Gardner is one of the most responsible people who cares about their clients. I think by operating two web hosting brands, greengeeks definitely learned a lot about how to serve people in correct way. Their business will definitely grow better and better.

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