Webhost4life Vs Easycgi

webhost4life vs easycgi

Old beautiful memories

We haven't talked about webhost4life for quite a long time and seems there's not any news from the company yet. Today when I enter asp.net hosting from google search I found something related to webhost4life and suddenly remind me a lot of webhost4life beautifu memories. So here I'd like to give another review of webhost4life and it's partner brand – easycgi.

The old webhost4life story

Webhost4life was rated top for very a long time by many people since they were able to provide asp.net hosting with affordable price. I believe no much other providers be able to offer such excellent hosting features with only $9.95/mon. Main features such as Asp.net full trust support, multiple Sql server databases, .net version easily switch etc.

 If you still like to learn more about what they offers before, here's the url to their old official website www.mysite4now.com, Thanks God they still keep the beautiful memories to people.

The old Easycgi stories

Easycgi got into it's current comapany earlier than webhost4life. Before that, it's liked mostly by oversea clients especially for people who deals with international business. Easycgi fantastic hosting servers always able to support their Asp.net shopping cart websites and serve them in good manner. The biggest failure of easycgi is during hosting transition to it's current host. They got heavy complaints because of data loss. The same story also happened to webhost4life only one year later.

Webhost4life vs Easycgi, Are they still reliable?

I bet the two webhosts got such bad feedbacks only because of the hosting transition. Even they can do something to rebuild their reputations in customer mind, people will still untrust their services. So how they're doing now? Are they really so badk like people discussed on varous forums?To understand more about them, we should look at how their boss doing and learn from their future business plans.

To be honest, their mother company – EIG is not so bad like people discussed on the web, they got so bad reputation only because they bought so many other hosting companies and not address customer complaints properly. They're still purchasing other companies and I don't think they will stop it. From the information collections on forums and EIG newsletters, seems they're re-design their hosting infrastructure, mostly they will merge all hosting sites and put up a unique and profitable hosting plan.

EIG does have the technologies, finance and man power to re-design everything. When we learned how beautiful the service is from another hosting company, EIG also has those stuff prepared. The reason why we haven't got such service I think is because they're busy in purchasing other business and ignored the current clients. Can you imagine clients from the specific brand are all managed through a central hosting server? Can you imagine how clean their server structure is?

They manage all services through a inhoused developed control panel – Vdeck, As far as I can say it's far better than many other hosting control panels since you can manage both website stuff and billing stuff under the same place. The weakness of their system is the less abilities to manage windows hosting services. If you read more about their complaints on forums or blogs you would found mostly are windows customers. Asp.net and Sql server are the weakness in their system and no impromvement since from the date we know this company.

So, back to the topic, is webhost4life and easycgi still reliable?

From the info we learned above we could get a basic conclusion that if you're currently dealing with their linux hosting then they're still good enough except for the price. But it will be bad choice to deal with their windows hosting since they seem not ready to manage the windows server in better ways. So when people complain about their service, we should not just catch up and complain more, we should know what they're exactly compain for under what kind of circumstance.

I'm sure EIG will launch some new programs in near future and serve all their clients better. Let's wait their improvements quietly…

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