Sitecloud is Closed

sitecloud closure

Sitecloud hosting is closed after one month's migration to greengeeks! Now all existing sitecloud customer will have to use the traditional hosting services from it's partner site If you're still looking for services from you will be redirected to greengeeks right away. In this article I'd like to discuss how will their business proceed in the industry and what kind of effect it brings.

How is Sitecloud doing in the past?

I have to say, they're with no doubt the best before the tech bottleneck. With only $4.95/mon you get all cloud hosting advantages while you have to pay several times more from other providers.

Honest is the most outstanding service from sitecloud, they really provide you unlimited stuff while it's just slogan to get customers for other hosting companies. However I think this might be the reason why sitecloud got closed so quickly, there must be many people trying to abuse the system and use up the resources. But from what's expressed from sitecloud newsletter, their team is definitely incapable of handling such issues and finally has no choice but to close the service. But it's nice they admit there's technical problem that couldn't be handled at the moment. They most important thing is they can provide alternative hosting solution with same price.

What kind of effect sitecloud brought to hosting industry?

Fall down from the Top rated cloud hosting provider, sitecloud brought huge effect to the industry. Firstly it approves cloud hosting is not quite suitable for shared plans since it might be abused and if the hosting provider is trying to make it running properly then it's very costly.

Secondly, we learned a hosting company must prepare a lot in order to offer cloud service, the haredware and network is quite important for this technology, if you announced to offer something unlimited but you don't have that many resource, then your business will finally got shut down.

Will shared cloud hosting plan be offered in future?

Cloud hosting is new but with no doubt the future of the industry and it's already applied by many hosting companies. But seems there's long way to go in order to offer qualifying shared cloud hosting. The environment is quite expensive for itself, so a shared cloud hosting plan is almost not profitable at the moment, that's why VPS or dedicated hosting are the main offers.

But since it's a new technology with bright future, I believe it will be developped maturely and shared cloud hosting will be finally available for most hosting providers.

What we learned from this hosting bomb event?

Sitecloud is a good example to all other hosting companies, they should have learned how to start a new service not just by following up the technologies but should consider more about some potential issues like sitecloud have encountered. So basically sitecloud gives a good leason to all hosting companies who're going to offer this kind of service.

Will greengeeks become stronger in use of sitecloud?

Absolutely yes. By operating sitecloud system, their team have learned a bit more on how to manage a successful business and secure environment. I'm sure they have got some valuable experience which is not touched by many other competitors, this will contribute a lot to their business in future. Since sitecloud and greengeeks are always growing up at the same time, they learned each other and their customer will finally benefit from their experience.

greengeeks hosting

So greengeeks will get more experience on how to manage their system and design a more profitable hosting structure in future. With the valuable experience on, I believe the greengeeks team will open the cloud hosting service again in near future.

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  1. Host List - August 23, 2012 at 1:01 am

    It seems like non profit hosting is very rare. Although it sounds good, it always makes you wonder what their angle is. I guess as long as you go with a well know web host you should be alright.


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