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Cloud hosting introduction

What exactly cloud hosting is? Cloud hosting is based on cloud computing technologies that allow unlimited number of machines to act as one system. Traditional hosting solutions (shared or dedicated) are configured on a single server only while cloud hosting service is powered by server farms from multiple network and even from multiple locations on the planet. The cloud server resources can be unlimited such as space or RAM etc to power any size web app.

Theoretically speaking, the website on cloud hosting platform is 100% uptime guaranteed unlike the traditional hosting which is based single server setup.

Best Cloud Hosting Provider

After reviewed a plenty of cloud web hosting providers based price, scalability, performance and editorial live experience, bluehost is awarded the best cloud hosting provider from side by side comparison.

Bluehost cloud hosting uses a highly advanced virtualization system which guarantees dedicated server resources for each website on the cloud. This means even smaller websites would benefit from dedicated server-like services at a very affordable price. Bluehost offers pre-defined cloud hosting packs, which are designed to accommodate any type of web project.

bluehost cloud

Bluehost actually provides cloud hosting service from each class plans including shared, VPS and dedicated server. For affordable and best price value, the bluehost cloud VPS is the best choice based following advantages

  • Openstack & KVM technologies
  • Latest versions of CentOS, Apache, PHP, MySQL
  • Dynamic server resources upgrade
  • Instant provisioning
  • Gigabit uplink with a guaranteed 20mbit connection
  • Fully redundant network with no single point of failure
  • Improved cpanel and cloud control panel
  • Mobile system control

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Bluehost setup their own data center facilities to have full control on every side. Either the data center hardware or software setup or hosting server setup are based newest program. Each cloud account resources scalable dynamically upon requests.

What really makes bluehost cloud outstanding is their management system. Besides regular WHM and cpanel, people get a cloud panel for server management. RAM/CPU/DISK/IO usage etc are all displayed by graphic view. Customer can handle server upgrade directly without support required. The most important part is about data protection. Even the server is down for some reason, we still have access to its data remotely. The management center is 100% mobile compatible so customer can access to it anywhere with internet access.

Further more, blue host people provides friendly and knowlegeable tech support whenever you call in. In this way, you don't have to deal with a single problem by yourself, you're powered by a great team behind. If you're considering going cloud, bluehost is just the perfect start.

Advantage of Cloud Hosting

The cloud computing technology is highly scalable and extensible. With traditional single server hosting, everything is limited like cpu, memory and disk space etc and you have to deal with all stuff step by step which is very time consuming like migration, upgrading. But you can avoid all of these from a cloud hosting environment, the downtime can be minimumed to zero. Uptime is the major advantage with a cloud hosting. Check below for a featured list view

  • Highest performance guaranteed
  • Guaranteed server resources (CPU, RAM)
  • Redundant data storage
  • No single point of failure
  • Website growth flexibility

Cloud technology allows to manage and increase available system resources on the cloud automatically, and this sets cloud hosting apart from traditional hosting providers who are confined to the physical limitations of a server. There're always various limitations on traditional hosting servers such as 10% CPU usage or 50000 inodes limitation etc. In case your website reached the limit, you'll be suspended or warned.

The story is different from cloud web hosting environment because additional resources can be added automatically to deal with high loads. You don't have to worry about service suspension or any kind warning from service provider.

Weakness of cloud hosting

Absolutely, everything has some weakness from the start. The major weakness of cloud hosting is security. Because the data is delivered to the entire network not a single hard drive, it's hard to have full control for its safety. When its backed up on some nodes and the device with weak protection, hackers can easily crack it. Another thing is when transfer to another service provider, the data is still kept on old network which is bad. For further reading on this topic you can refer to this article.

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