Hostclear and Supergreen Merged to justhost

hostclear and supergreenhosting merged into justhost

Hostclear and Supergreenhosting already merged into Justhost. It's occured in October so I'm sure many of you have noticed the change because it's officially announced on their website home page. For new account sign up & customer support, it'll be redirected to justhost site directly. The website is not yet shutdown might be because they would like to propagate all search traffic to new domain name for SEO purpose. Please don't be surprised when you find it can't be browsed some day.

Why do they merge?

It would be an interesting question. There're over half hundred hosting brands under the EIG web hosting company (Did I mention this from older posting? Well,  if not, please keep in mind hostclear and supergreenhosting are actual eig members!), how could it happen to only the above names? From our research we only find a single possibility that is the three webhosts are all pure cpanel hosting based services, however the justhost is absolutely most popular in the comparison. It will reduce time and problems by merging the other two hosts' data into justhost's system.

Relationship between Hostclear and Supergreenhosting

Maybe you thought they're independent web hosting companies before because there's no real similar points on the website. But if you have heard about the company "Just development It" you would know Hostclear, Supergreenhosting and justhost are all sister companies of the Justdevelopment group. Hostclear and Supergreenhosting were sold to EIG earlier than justhost. Now they're merged, I have to say it's some kind of great news to the group because there's no scatter among the sister brands.

What kind of changes being occured from justhost?

Absolutely, there will be many more support requests from justhost help center. Also, if you try to register with justhost website you will find the process already changed. Before we got the justhost 50$ discount coupon code, we introduced another method to get the same promotional price on this page. However it's removed now and it will only pop up the ordering status. Maybe the removed the trick simply because they are dealing with lots of new signups that're redirected from hostclear and supergreen websites? Everything is possible!

Anyhow, you don't loose anything with this change no matter which service brand you are dealing with because those linux professionals are quite outstanding from EIG. You can feel safe to prolong your business with those guys.

How do we think about such business event?

I have to say, don't be surprised for any change with EIG system. Since the EIG group are promoting their own hosting control panel software "Vdeck", it's reasonable they merge the cpanel service together for better management because more and more new hosting brands are being or will be sold to this group. I believe finally there will be only two types of hosting service under EIG — Cpanel hosting and Vdeck hosting, any other inhouse developed control panel system will be dropped into history.

At the meanwhile, it's possible to see there's some price increasing on justhost site because they get more and more business from such merging.

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