Premium Bandwidth Hosting Secret revealed

premium bandwidth hosting

What's premium bandwidth?

If you search around some web hosting service sites about networking, you will notice a phrase called "premium bandwidth" is mentioned specially to approve their abilities. So what does that exactly mean?

There's a good explanation from webhostingtalk — Premium bandwidth generally refers to partnerships the host has made with high quality bandwidth providers/carriers. These providers are measured in "Tiers" with the highest quality being "Tier 1". The real Tier 1 carrier owns and operates their own global physical network and has free "peer" relationships with other Tier 1 networks.

Best premium bandwidth hosting provider?

If you doubt about the actual service you're receiving, it's quite easy to check out. Every hosting provider has a "networking" page on their official site, you just check their bandwidth provider names and search them out from google. What if they're operating their own datacenters? Generally speaking, a hosting provider who announced to have their own datacenter is always talking about they occupy lots of space from datacenter providers. Unless it's a huge hosting company, there's little possibility they get their own datacenter setup since it's money-costing business. As long as you know their datacenter names you will be able to check out the badwidth specification.

Premium bandwidth definition by hosting provider

When we say "Premium Bandwidth" mostly it doesn't mean any specific IP transit providers. Every quality web hosting providers have partnership with several datacenters/bandwidth providers. When they talk about premium bandwidth they're simply saying your website is being served via their best connectivities. It also mean that your website visitors reach their network through multiple carriers. They are guaranteed the shortest possible path to your website.

Who's offerring guaranteed premium bandwidth hosting?

For 100% guaranteed premium bandwidth hosting service, you should look at the dedicated or cloud hosting which is from datacenter service providers directly such as softlayer, rackspace etc. Because those big companies always have multiple datacenters setup in the country or oversea. Of course, the price is some kind expensive comparing to regular hosting services, but you indeed get what you pay.

Is it not possible to get premium bandwidth with shared hosting? Not really, Some quality shared hosting providers are offering such service too such as hostgator, inmotion, arvixe etc. Most of the time we might think what we really need for our website instead of looking for something that's really not so important.

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