iPage vs Fatcow

ipage vs fatcow

iPage vs Fatcow

Are you interested in either of these two web hosting service? Do you have the problem to determine which one to choose from? In this article we'll compare ipage and fatcow side by side on hosting features, server uptime, support service and general price value.

iPage Introduction

Ipage is an old brand hosting service 1999 and has been rated top since from the start. With over 1 million domains hosted all over the world, ipage is featured for it's stability and high performance. Besides, ipage is probably provides the best price from the industry – 60% off with only $1.99/mo! If you're not sure how to get this ipage discount offer, please visit our previous ipage coupon for detailed steps. Generally speaking, ipage is ideal choice for webmasters who has limited budget but want to host multiple websites under the same hosting space.

ipage hosting

Fatcow Introduction

Fatcow is also a famous web hosting provider and strong competitor to many other hosting services. Fatcow provides full website hosting solutions including sitebuilder, ecommerce builder and web design service to meet any customer requirement. Based its advanced hosting features and super stable hosting server, fatcow is powering thousands of high performance websites. Fatcow also provides big discount hosting for as low as $44/yr. For detailed information, please visit our fatcow review page for steps on how to get up to 50% fatcow hosting discount.

iPage vs Fatcow for Hosting Features

Both ipage and fatcow provide a single shared unix hosting solution with almost the same technical offers. They both provide a free domain registration or transfer, Unlimited account storage and data transfer, unlimited database and email support. The few bucks monthly price simply provides everything unlimited to fulfill your needs.

iPage vs Fatcow for Performance

iPage and fatcow are actually sharing the same hardware and network facility. Hosting servers are enterprise grade DELL with Debian linux platform. All servers are hosted on endurance data centers with advanced upstream bandwidth supply. The server farm setup provides central SAN disk storage with RAID 10 setup. Each server is properly monitored with load balancing configuration. You may get slowness ocassionally but hardly get service down. The entire system is setup by smart control with max automation.

iPage vs Fatcow for Support

Because they're centrally supported together, both ipage and fatcow provide same support resource. Either technical documents, web chat, email or phone call etc are from same support center. Currently, there're two major support groups – Phone support and Chat support. The phone support is headquatered in US while chat support is mainly handled in India. No matter which support team you contact, you will be served the same.

Ipage vs Fatcow, which one is better?

Before you know the result, you should firstly know that ipage and fatcow are actually owned by the same company – EIG.

Yes, both ipage and fatcow are acquired by EIG in year 2008, although they made little disturbulance about their services. For webmasters who have experienced with many web hosting services they will tell you that both Ipage and Fatcow are using the same hosting control panel, sharing the same knowledge base and even the same website structure and hosting offer. They play to be independent but all their services are managed under the same place.

Ipage and Fatcow promotion comparison

Both Ipage and fatcow are offerring the biggest promotion in history, what are they? look below:

Ipage -> $1.99/mo (Ipage highest promotion)

Fatcow -> $42/yr (the biggest promotion in history)

Conclusion: If you're going to host a personal blog or small website, both hosting will be ok, what you should look for is which hosting will save you more money, currently fatcow is definitely the right choice. If you're going to launch a big or high traffic website such as ecommerce hosting, Ipage should always be your primary choice.

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