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Either we're playing as web developer or pure internet surfer, it's necessary to learn about the statistics of various internet services. In this article I would like to talk about the latest report of Top Web Server Market Share and the stats of serveral popular service. For example, how many new websites borned? How many emails sent? How many global internet users? You will get answers in this article.

What're the most popular web server names?

In January, Netcraft made a survey for over 582,716,657 sites. Apache got the largest increase for serving hosted  domains, almost 60% web server market being occupied. The Microsoft IIS got further drop in market share but it's still  the secondary most popular web server solution. On the other hand, Nginx has the fastest growth among all web server softwares. By serving over 1.9M active sites, it's growth rate even overtook the Microsoft's.

Current web server market share graphics

web server survey

Market Share for Top Servers Across All Domains
(August 1995 – January 2012)

web server market share

The stats are generated by Netcraft. For further report, you can visit this URL for details:

Here's the data of some popular internet stats


  • 107 trillion -Total of sent emails in 2011
  • 294 billion -Email sent per day
  • 1.88 billion -Global email users
  • 89.1% -Email spam percentage


  • 255 million -Total of active websites (Till December)
  • 21.4 million -New website numbers

Web server growth

  • 39.1% -Growth percentage of Apache web server
  • 15.3 -Growth percentage  of Microsoft IIS
  • 4.1% -Growth percentage of Nginx web server
  • 55.7% -Growth percentage of Lighttpd

Internet users

  • 1970 million -numbers of total internet users
  • 14% -Growth percentage comparing to the last year

Social Network

  • 152 million -Number of blogs
  • 25 billion -Blog posts on twitter
  • 100 million -New users on twitter
  • 600 million -facebook users
  • 250 million -New users on facebook


  • Internet Explorer: 46.9%
  • Firefox: 30.8%
  • Google Chrome: 14.9%
  • Safari: 4.8%
  • Opera: 2.1%

Online Video

  • 2 Billion -Watch times on YouTube
  • 35 -Numbers of video uploading on YouTube(Per minute)


  • 5 Billion -Photos on Flickr
  • 3000+ -Photos being uploaded to Flickr per minute
  • 130 million – Photos uploaded to Flickr per month

Email spam is calculated by "MessageLabs"(PDF). Email users and number of box is calculated by "Radicati Group" . Website statistis is from Netcraft. Domain name stats from Verisign and Internet users stats from "Internet World Stats". Facebook stats from Facebook and Business Insider. Twitter stats from Twitter, TwitterCounter and TechCrunch. The Browser stats from StatCounter. YouTube stats from Google. Facebook stats from GigaOM. Flickr stats from Flickr.

Further stats can be found on this Pingdom post:

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