Dedicated IP Hosting Secret revealed

dedicated ip hosting

Dedicated IP (or called static ip) is a relative term comparing to shared ip. It's also considered as an important feature for web hosting plans. If you're looking for dedicated ip hosting service and not sure where to start. I would like to make a basic explanation and see if it's a must need feature for you.

How does dedicated ip work?

Dedicated ip is featured for it's unique. Just think there're one hundred of websites on same hosting server and all websites are sharing a single ip address. If we assign an extra ip address to the server and configure it for a specific domain name, some third party website analyze tools will consider this website is hosted on dedicated server, though it's under a shared hosting envrionment. So in a word, the dedicated ip makes your website unique among all other domains on same hosting server.

Best dedicated ip hosting plan

Best dedicated hostingDedicated has many good features but it's always expensive to get. Most of the time, a web hosting provider be able to offer you 3 or 4 bucks per month service but you might need pay twice or more for dedicated ip support. Because of the limited IPv4 numbers, the price is going up every few period.

However, that doesn't mean there's not a web hosting plan be able to offer us affordable dedicated ips. Ixwebhosting is the name for dedicated ip hosting provider. Their shared hosting plans will provide us up to 15 dedicated ips for free! The base price of the hosting plan is only $7.95/mo. Plus the ixwebhosting 25% off coupon code, the price is going down a bit! For dedicated ips offer, there's no better place other than ixwebhosting.

How will the dedicated IP offered? You don't have to contact ixwebhosting support separately to claim the IPs. Once you signed up, their system will auto allocate IPs to your account in their IP ranges. When you add a new domain name to account, you have choice to use shared or dedicated IP address.

Go to ixwebhosting for 15 FREE dedicated ip offer!

Who need dedicated ip address?

There're many services have to be configured via dedicated ips because of the software features. Some popular service such as web server, FTP server, Email server, VPN etc are highly IP restricted. Dedicated ips make it easy to separate all services if you configure them on same server. If they're configured on independent servers, it will let end users easy to remember but not have to deal with dynamic changes every time.

For webmaster, you need SSL certificate if you're running a shopping cart that requires online billing transaction. SSL installation will require dedicated IP address as well.

Dedicated ip vs Shared ip

There's no much difference between dedicated ip and shared ip. Unless you're managing services by yourself with above special requirements, you don't really need it. However, there're few conditions we need dedicated ip in web hosting service.

SSL Certificate website -Dedicated ip is a must for ssl installation on web server. The ssl protocol communicates with dedicated ip addres only. Unless you host a single website on server, it will crash all other sites.

Secured Applications -Some secured applications that're opened for specific locations will require dedicates ip to work with. For example you're hosting an online project and need extra protection to avoid bad effect from other websites on same server, dedicated ip will give a simple solution.

SEO -Although there're many articles saying website ip factor being ignored by search engines, the fact is a dedicated ip based website does get better ranking from SERP. No matter how does the tech document saying, it's still playing an essential role in this industry. Dedicated IP will at least keep your website in safe place in case some websites got penalized on same hosting server.

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