How is bad web hosting produced?

how is bad web hosting produced?

When you look for potential web hosting provider, it's obvious everybody would like to get a reliable service for life. We always have to get advice from professionals on webmaster forums then try to avoid those "bad web hosting". The problem is, how bad they're? How is a bad web hosting produced?

I'm sure every web hosting group would like to do business well by best efforts. It's just impossible they start a business then try to destroy everything. They might never thought to fail a single website and have tried everything they could to save your business. However they're still recognized "bad" by many users. Why is that? Here's a list of possible reasons.

Over advertising

Hosting is a competitive business and many companies over advertised their service to attract more people. For example they advertise unlimited service everywhere but they only provide such feature from the highest plan for extra costs. Users might subscribe based their advertisement directly but being charged more.

Non-flexible service

Some providers just offer services as listed on site and not willing to make a small customization. For example in order to tighten the global server security, many hosting providers set very strict limits on php variables such as upload and memory size limits and don't allow overriding. However, sometimes the value is simply too small to work with but hosting company does not wish to make a change.

Less support

Probably the mostly complained point. Many providers grow up rapidly in short periods, however they can't keep up with hardware and support. Just imagine how will a 2 to 3 support team can provide high quality support to their clients? Don't be surprised to wait hours or days for problem fixing. Even you call in by hotline, they're still dealing with multiple customers and couldn't concentrate on your account.

Above might be the main problems from hosting company end. However, most of the time, we, the actual users are producing problems by our own and we are just not awared. If we search out some complaints with a hosting company we will see many problems are even not hosting related. Following problems are actually should be resolved by ourselves.

Hosting compatibility

We always don't read their hosting plan and AUP/TOS carefully but just concentrate on price. If we are going to host a heavy traffic website like forum or shopping cart, a budget shared hosting plan is definitely not right choice. Basically, such service is only prepared for small site purpose such as personal blog and product showcase. Extra traffic means extra server resources be used, we must evaluate seriously about what kind of service we need. The right choice means half success.

Scripts debug

Our website is our property and we should support ourselves by fixing any kind problem as much as we can. If it's programming issues, we need to fix on our end. Hosting support might help based their plenty experience. However, we can't blame them if they can't fix because we programmed the application by ourself. When we worked for a hosting group before, we got multiple heavy complaints because we refuse to support such requests. On hosting company end, they prefer not to serve your websites instead spending hours or days to fix such problems.

Over using

Unlimited is liked by everyone but it's just a marketing term as we explained many times before. The real limits for different service plans are also revealed based our work experience. But many people just don't listen to it and use their account space as dedicated server. No hoster like to serve such customer no matter how hard you complain.

As we see, we can't say a hosting is bad because people experienced. There's no really bad web hosting, we just need to find the most suitable service for website. As long as it worked well then we may rate it as the best web hosting because it's just working perfect to us.

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