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exchange server hosting

Exchange server or microsoft exchange is a mail program devloped by microsoft. Since from the initial release, it's considered the best enterprise mail solution. Till exchange server 2013, it's included as one of the office 365 services though you can install it independently. Exchange server provides a list of advantages that you can not get from any other product. Those outstanding features include the following

  • Get business email, calendar, and contacts on your PC, phone, and web browser.
  • Run email on Microsoft globally redundant servers.
  • Stay protected by anti-malware and anti-spam filters and supported by 24/7, IT-level phone support.

Exchange server is fully mobile compatible for all its features. People get both web access as well as email client access based your preference. The newest exchange server outlook interface is fully integrated with office so you can beautify email contents easily. Another great feature of the product is group meeting. Users can compare calendars to schedule meetings and can access collaboration features, including shared calendars, groups, the global address list, external contacts, tasks, conference rooms, and delegation capabilities.

Best Exchange Server Hosting

A lot of hosting providers offer exchange server plans. Some providers like Godaddy, rackspace and amazon all support exchange hosting with different price and features. However, the best exchange server hosting provider is absolutely microsoft. It's their own product and they provide the service directly on website. The best feature of microsoft service is their global data centers on every continents. You don't have to worry about service failure because of a single server crash because there're lots of redundant servers behind.

For the moment, microsoft provides two exchange server plans and single user service just starts at $4/mon. Each user gets 50 GB of mailbox storage and can send messages up to 25 MB in size. For $8/mo plan you get unlimited storage and voice mail support! Such service is not available from any other providers.

exchange server price

We should note that all exchange server hosting plans are dedicated for email service. Means no matter how much space you get, you can only use for email contents but not other purpose such as website. There's no support for other services.

Best Exchange Server Alternative

As explained from above, microsoft exchange server provides unbeatable features for all other email solutions. However, it's not cheap to get started. Unless your company highly relies on email communication with extremely high requirements to this service, many people will not consider it. But what if we need similar service with less costs? Yes, there's a product called "smartermail" which is almost designed the same as exchange server. Their official proudly to announce its the best alternative of microsoft exchange.

The advantage of smartermail is you have free try out opportunity before paying. Their free edition support a single domain with up to 10 mail boxes with no feature limitation. If your requirement is just like this, you can always use it for free! Since it's a stand alone windows software, we can easily setup it on vps or dedicated servers, just few clicks away and the installer will auto configure all needed environment without manual action.

Till present, there're multiple reputable windows hosting providers use smartermail for their email system like winhost, hostgator. They both configured enterprise edition smartermail on separate windows servers and provide the service for free to all clients. You can check the following video for further details.

Smartermail is also the best choice when you would like to get control over all your web properties, you just need to install the software on server end then provide mail access to company staff. All mails and traffic details are stored on your server hard drives and no one can access to it except youself.

Smartermail official site:

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