Hawkhost vs Froghost, is Hawkhost better?

Hawkhost vs Froghost

Hawkhost might be well known to everybody who liked the litespeed, however are you aware of another web hosting brand "Froghost"? Pretty cure name right? How is froghost comparing to hawkhost? If you are new to this hosting service, I would like to share my personal opinions about the two webhosts and check if it's good deal.

Hawkhost Introduction

Founded in 2004, Hawkhost is a reputable name from hosting industry for stable and fast server speed. Hawkhost is one of the earliest hosting providers with litespeed support with very affordable price. With hawkhost you have choice to sign up monthly, quarterly and yearly. Unlike all other web hosts who set a low price for yearly or multiple years registration upfront and charge high on monthly contract, you get same rate price for any period of hosting choice!

Froghost Introduction

The froghost is actually a division of Hawkhost Inc if you've read their "about us" page. While it's announced to offer web hosting service since 2009, their name is not so popular yet on the web. But it's interesting to know their boss Tony is animal friendly.

Hawkhost vs Froghost

Although they're sister companies, they're running in different business ways. Here're few comparisons about their main difference.

  • Hosting Plans The Froghost has only shared hosting service while Hawkhost prepared totoal of 3 hosting solutions (Shared, VPS and reseller hosting). In some degrees the FrogHost is offering very similar features as Hostgator shared hosting. 3 hosting plans with all unlimited space and bandwidth, the starter plan support only one domain while the second and third offer unlimited domains but different in SSL.
  • Hosting Features The Froghost is advertised to be "Unlimited Hosting" where we can get unlimited disk space/data transfer like many popular names. However such feature is limited via hawkhost. Although the froghost is offering unlimited service, the number of hosted domain is limited for starter plan (Only a single domain support). The hosted domain names are unlimited via Hawkhost.
  • Hosting Price Here would be the biggest difference from the two names. While we can get what we need for only $3.29/mo from hawkhost basic plan, we need to pay $6.95/mo for single domain support hosting from froghost. The monthly price will go up to $8.95/mo if we pay monthly. Also, there's no hosting coupon available from froghost service.

Table list comparison between hawkhost and froghost

Hosting Brand Hawkhost Froghost
Starter Price $3.29/mo $6.95/mo
Supported Domains Unlimited 1
Add-on Domains Unlimited No
Static IPs $3/mo No
Server Specs 8 CPU, 12GB and 15,000RPM SAS hard drives in a RAID10 array Dual Quad Xeon 5520, 12 GB of DDR system RAM, 4x300GB SAS 15,000 RPM Raid-10
Disk space/bandwidth 3GB/45GB Unlimited
Webserver Software Litespeed litespeed

What's froghost best for?

Being a shared hosting, the froghost be able to offer everything available from other web hosting services and we can take the litespeed advantages from this service. However, if you have to pay two times more for this service, I think no much people will be interested because many more attractive offers available on internet. People might sign up before knowing the hawkhost. If we know they both before registration, I'm sure most people would go with hawkhost with no doubt.

So basically, froghost has no advantage comparing to it's sister brand hawkhost. The same server specifications, the same management system and support team, who would like to pay more for the service?

Visit hawkhost for affordable hosting plans http://www.Hawkhost.com

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