Inmotion Fast Web Hosting Reviewed

Inmotion Fast Web Hosting

No matter if you're running an online business or doing SEO job, the website response speed is always one of the most important consideration. Faster speed means more potential orders on your website while slow response means business loss. However, it's quite hard to find a fast and affordable web hosting plan. Unless you get a vps or dedicated server, most shared hosting plans will be approved not worthy the paying. Based on my last few weeks testing, I would like to share my personal experience with Inmotion.

Is Inmotion fast web hosting service?

Absolutely yes! And I have to say the Inmotion hosting server speed is NO.1 from all shared web hosting services in my list. To check the actual loading speed, you can visit website which is currently hosted on Inmotion shared hosting server. Here're few things I tested

a. FTP – FTP is always the first service to deal with before our website goes online. When I download backups from old account, it took me 10 minutes with about 20kb/s. Before I issue the uploading to Inmotion I didn't wish more because it might be my local ISP problems(which is said by the old provider). However things are completely different when the task began. I couldn't tell which file being uploaded because the list is changed every second! The total uploading process took about 4 minutes which has broken my record for file uploading!

b. Database – My website database is not big size so I used the traditional phpmyadmin to import the backup file. The restoration took about 10 seconds on 500KB mysql backup.

c. Website – Finally I can start to browse the website on new server. You guess what? 2 seconds, only 2 seconds to load the home page completely!

Based the operation on my website and several weeks continuing testing. I can proudly tell Inmotion shared hosting is rated NO.1 in my fast web hosting list.

inmotion hosting fast server

How does Inmotion hosting assure the fast speed?

Here're few methods used by Inmotion hosting team to ensure the fast and stable hosting server

  • Servers housed in multiple Category A, PCI compliant data centers. These include several controlled access points.
  • N+2 or N+1 power systems with multiple battery and diesel power sources in case of public utility failure.
  • BGP4 network to prevent downtime in case of loss of hardware.
  • N+1 Configurations on all servers using RAID 5.
  • 24x7x365 System Administrators on hand.

Inmotion Hosting utilize datacenters on both east and west coasts with max speed zone enabled. Means no matter where you're located you can always receive the best speed! Moreover, inmotion group co-operates with lots of popular global datacenters to

To learn all the inmotion efforts in makeing fast server, please check out this page from inmotionhosting

How to choose the fast web hosting plan?

Every service is advertised to be fast in order to get more business. However, it's quite hard to choose the real fast web hosting plan because we always pay more attention to their service price. Indeed, the price trick does attract many people especially web hosting start users, because better price means less potential risk to escape in case service failure.

To choose the real fast and reliable web hosting service, always remember the popular saying "you get what you pay". Just think about the 2 or 3 bucks per month, how muc we can expect from the service? The Inmotion hosting plan is relative more expensive comparing to many other companies, however you won't be regreted in paying the extra because you get several times more value with the money! Except for the little expensive service plan, the inmotion hosting features never failed to compete with other service plans. The difference is you get better performance and uptime from Inmotion! Better performance means better business opportunity for you!


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