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Recently I saw someone asking about grid hosting. To be honest I never heard about this phrase before because everybody is talking about the regular web hosting plans. After a bit research and communication with other webmasters, I got the basic idea what grid hosting is and how it actually works.

What does grid hosting exactly mean?

When we say grid hosting it's actually mostly referring to "Grid Computing". Grid computing technology is meant to get high performance computing systems from multiple servers. It's working similar to cluster or cloud computing. As for grid hosting, it means to host your website via multiple servers with proprietary dynamic traffic management. Based on all the service specifications, it's the next generation of web hosting.

Grid hosting advantages

Just imagine when your site's traffic spikes, the grid hosting server responds by allocating more resources and keeping your site live. If your site starts small but keep growing, this service just grows with it so you don't have to manually upgrade and experience any unnecessary downtime.

If you're hosted on a single server where thousands of other websites might reside, you have to share your resources (memory, bandwidth CPU etc), the real server resource allocated to your website is very limited. On this point, grid hosting is pretty flexible because your could leverage resources from more machines in the cluster if needed.

The difference comparing to the popular cloud hosting is grid hosting is working the same as shared hosting because we don't need extra management tools for end users, but it overcome the disadvantages in shared hosting.

What would be the disadvantage?

The only disadvantage with grid hosting would be the cost. More resources means more bill involved. If we really need this kind of service, we definitely need increase our budget in shared environment.

Top grid hosting providers

Grid hosting is considered the next generation of web hosting service that is evolving from the On-Demand Computing revolution. The actual deployment on live server is mostly led by huge internet groups like Google, IBM, Amazon and Microsoft.

But  if you search on the web you'll see godaddy is ranked high in offerring such service and named it as "4GH generation hosting", They even have compared their service with other popular grid hosting brands like GoGrid, MediaTemple and Rackspace. However, after research about their service feedback, there're no much positive reviews and no recommendation founded. Personally I have no experience with godaddy paid hosting so I can't tell if it's good or not. However based on the grid hosting features and the godaddy price, they're either non-prifitable or overselling a bit. For quality grid hosting support, I think it's safe to deal with the leading providers like mediatemple and gogrid etc.

Is Grid hosting good to go?

Personally, if you don't have special requirements on your website I think there's no need to purchase such hosting service. In nowaday's hosting industry, more and more hosting are SAN technologies based via a cluster server system, it's good enough to deal with regular website hosting. In case you really need lots of resources, we can upgrade to VPS or other advanced service plans.

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