Spam Friendly Hosting, Who’s on top?

spam friendly hosting

Are you receiving lots of spam from inbox and website? Have you tried various methods to deal with the spam information every day but still no use? Ok, if you're sure you have tried everything you can then you might have using a spam friendly hosting service.

Recently I have been dealing with lots of spam from both website and email. I'm surprised when I saw the amount of spam comments and emails in both junk and inbox folder. Even after I installed some anti-spam plugins to the site and added those from domains to my blacklist, I still can't avoid over 10 spam per day. Because the case is only from one website but not others. After communication with my partner and other webmasters I finally figured out it's because of the hosting issue — They're spam friendly!

How to deal with spam?

I'm sure many of you are also dealing with tons of spam every day and trying various available methods. After the experience with the spam host, I got following experience and hope it'll be helpful to you as well.

Website spam – If we're dealing with a healthy hosting, we can always introduce into the spam control components or plugins. The website spam is mostly from article comments and contact forms. To reduce potential spam, it's necessary to add authentication field in the comment form as well as contact form. There're many methods to add such function to comment form. Just make a simple search on google.

Email spam – It's headache of the entire internet because over 80% emails are spam! However there're still some tricks to play with. Basically I concluded the following with my experience

  • Don't post our email address publicly anywhere on the website, instead we can use contact form for website contact. Also make sure to add authentication field in the form.
  • Use different email system for different contact purpose. For example we put our company email for business contact on website and use another email system for advertising purpose.
  • Do not use catchall. Never use it if we want to reduce email spam mostly.
  • Use a reputable email system. A reputable email system let us have more control over spam, we always be able to configure our own rules to keep our inbox clean.

How to avoid spam friendly hosting?

It's the first time I understand how important the hosting service is for spam control. If I could ask more before I sign up that company I wouldn't have to deal with the frustrated problems. My suggestion is, always remember to check with hosting support before your sign up and ask about what kind of spam control technologies they introduced to their network and what kind of email system they are using. Do not use a email system that already has popular security hole on internet. Personally, I highly recommend the smartermail system where we have many options to configure spam filters with custom rules.

Email plays an quite important role for our online business. A good spam control service will keep our business in safe hand. Especially when you're sending some sensitive information frequently via email, it's very important to distinguish fake emails and innocent ones or else you're in risk of loosing money!

Top spam friendly hosting introduction

I'm victim of spam friendly hosting, I do not want to tell what their name is since they promised to improve. But after my research on google I found this article for Top 6 spam friendly ISP, surprisely my hosting is using one of the networks! Here's the original article link:

So if you would like to reduce spam, make sure to avoid the service from above list. Of course it's not a complete list so make sure to clear your doubts with support before you reserve to any hosting brand.

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