TOP cloud hosting management softwares

Cloud hosting management softwares

Cloud hosting is a popular term in today's web hosting industry. Because of the advanced technologies and outstanding performance on production server, it's always the primary consideration for heavy traffic website such as web forums, online stores and enterprise websites etc. While we're enjoying the benefits from cloud hosting service, have you ever thought how is the cloud system being managed and what kind of softwares available on the market?

What's the current situation of cloud hosting?

The current cloud hosting industry is pretty confusion if you have searched. Because of the outstanding features from the technology, many companies announced to be clouding in order to get more business from clients. Because not all clouds utilise the same hardware and software, there's big difference between the service quality.

What's the difference between a quality cloud hosting service and false/less quality service? A well built cloud product can provide complete redundancy, fall over protection, replicated cpu/ram and storage over multiple locations, etc and etc.. When we evaluate a cloud hosting provider, make sure to check out side by side.

Top cloud hosting management softwares

There're many cloud managing solutions on the internet. In case you need to know about the names, here're few of them: Onapp, Applogic, Appcore and the most well known product VMware.

Which one is the best? It's really hard to evaluate because every product has it's own advantages and their market. From the web research, it seems many services are Applogic and Onapp based. Regardless of their difference, they all have the following similar features:

  • Cloud deployment –The basic feature of such softwares. Let people setup cloud environment fastly from existing infrastructure. there're always some kind of template to follow up and convert your existing system to cloud quickly.
  • Cloud & VM management –This includes the load balancing, autoscaling, availability & performance zones, IP, networking and storage management.
  • User management –Total control of user roles, permissions, resources, limits and pricing. You can also design the customer experience with your own ideas.
  • Mobile posibility –Go to mobile is the new feature of these products. Because of the popularity of mobile device, most cloud solutions are going into this area.

Which do I love mostly? Actually I only have experience with VMware and have been fans of their products. From vmware server to workstation, they're offering great solution to both personal and enterprise business IT structure. Also, VMware offers the only common cloud infrastructure platform bridging private and public cloud resources to create a hybrid cloud architecture. Being one of the oldest virtual tech solutions, vmware is always growing with times.

For more about vmware, simple check out the official site for explanation.

Who's actually leading in the business?

The top clouding deployment always belongs to the internet leading groups like IBM, Microsoft etc. The cloud computing idea is actually from such groups. Based their huge global business and the amount of data to deal with, it's necessary to introduce into cloud system and they have the abilities to!

As for cloud hosting business, the most quality service is always from some popular datacenter providers like Softlayer, Rackspace etc. Running a quality cloud hosting is pretty costly that's why it's not available via the small web hosting companies. If you see a pretty cheap cloud hosting plan, you should doubt about the service quality. Cloud hosting is mainly offerd via VPS or Dedicated hosting plans.

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