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enkompass web hosting

Just a while ago, the cpanel Inc released their windows hosting control panel – Enkompass. Due to the popularity of cpanel control panel, this new product announced hot discussion on the internet and many people or groups are ready to try it out. So is Enkompass good? What's actually included with this release?

How does the Enkompass look like?

Since the enkompass is developed by Cpanel group, they still use the cpanel theme for user friendly purpose. The functions, navigation etc are much the same like you have experienced in cpanel control panel. As you see on the right picture, you might think it's just cpanel at the first look.

The purpose of enkompass is to offer windows hosting providers the best control panel solution with powerful management over all services with the least effort.

What's actually included from Enkompass?

As enkompass is developed for windows hosting specially, it fully integrated with windows server technologies side by side, the most new feature with this product is it's working with Windows Active Directory. With Enkompass you can complete the following tasks.

  • Multiple Servers Management – Enkompass is designed to be used in a distributed server environment. This means that one or more Enkompass server(s) will be able to manage many web servers across a Windows domain, allowing for easy automation and maintenance of a set of servers — up to an entire data center.
  • Database Management – With Enkompass you can manage both Mysql and Sql server database creation, backup and restoration. Latest Mysql and SQL server are supported for default.
  • Email management – The best of the best is Enkompass integrated the management of Smartermail — the leader of windows mail server. Except for Smartermail, you also have the option to use mailEnable which is optional choice according to your experience.
  • Reseller Management – Enkompass is developed based on Active Directory, user information and reseller privileges are safely stored with scalability in mind. The reseller structure includes multi-level reselling; in other words, resellers can sell to resellers.

What's Good of Enkompass?

The user friendly design is absolutely the best of this product. With the same interface of cpanel, you don't have to learn everything from scratch and you'll be able to manage the hosting product professionally. Enkompass is designed with the latest technologies based on the group's 10-year-experience in cpanel development. So the security would be enhanced comparing to other hosting control panels.

The goal of enkompass is to earn the windows hosting marketing and replace the most control panel products by offering leading solutions and support.

What's the disadvantage of Enkompass?

Like most new softwares, Enkompass is not verified yet by the industry. that means no much experience can be found about how to optimize the product for best use. Because of this, enkompass is not introduced to most windows hosting providers yet. There would be a long journey to go if enkompass like to be as famous as cpanel.

Enkompass works with windows active directory, means it's not choice for single server purpose. Based it's complex structure and setup procedures, webmasters will not take the efforts in using this software. Also, more and more hosting companies are using cloud system for best performance and uptime, the enkompass has to be improved a lot to work with this service.

Best Enkompass Hosting Provider?

After reading above explanation, most web hosting providers have not introduced enkompass to their hosting plans yet for it's newness. Because of the new (new born and new technology) and use of AD, enkompass might not be affordable for personal use purpose. From enkompass release newsletter, it's only good for dedicated server, that means you have to pay a lot in order to try out this product.

UPDATE: Enkompass already offered for free and cPanel inc stopped further development to it.

What to Use Beside Enkompass?

Since enkompass is not affordable for personal use and not introduced to most hosting companies yet, the best existing choice would be Dotnetpanel (WebsitePanel) which is an open sourced producted and always get improved by a large communites. So before enkompass get approved by a number of hosting companies, dotnetpanel is definitely the best choice.

Who's the best dotnetpanel (websitepanel) hosting provider? With our years' hosting experience and user feedbacks, Arvixe.com is the top one we recommend to our clients. By hosting your website with arvixe windows plan you get following hosting features

  • Free Domain name registration and multiple domains hosting
  • Free SQL Server database and Mysql support
  • 24 x 7 professional US support
  • Up to 60 days money back guarantee and 99% uptime guaranee!

Beside WSP, Plesk is by far the best paid control panel software with it's reliability and secure design. For very a long time, plesk is considered the windows hosting standard offer. If you need plesk support for your windows server, hostgator is absolutely the best choice today. Hostgator windows hosting fully utilize the windows server 2008 R2 advantages with leading performance.

Visit http://www.HostGator.com for windows hosting features

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