China Internet Gateway explained

china internet gateway

China is so hot recently for their internet policies. Today there's another shocking news announced in this country: Their international internet gateways will be totally closed. anyone who like to connect outbound will have to register firstly from the country's Management department.

China International internet gateways overview

The Chinese international internet gateways are mainly located in eastern China — Shanghai and really few comparing to many modern countries, that's why you can't get fast speed if you like to visit some internet websites from China Mainland. Only few gateways carry over all outbound traffic and it's increasing every minute.

Why China would like to block international gateways?

We're not quite sure why China do this but it will with not doubt bring people a lot of trouble to surf the internet and improve global communications. As you see, China current has the most internet people and if everyone who like go international will have to register first, how will they handle the ammount of requests? People would think they're not surfing the internet but intranet under such environment.

How's going on for Chinese internet?

I have to say, Chinese internet is currently the most safe place in the world. Why? Because their management have strict control over the Country's internet. as far as I can tell, China currently has the most cyber police in the world and almost everything is being monitored in this country.

If you like to learn more about chinese internet environment, here're few graphic explanation to help you understand the topic

China internet China internet
China internet China Greatwall Firewall

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