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Websitepanel(dotnetpanel) is user friendly and easy to use windows hosting control panel. It is a complete portal for hosting company to automate the provisioning of a full suite of services on Windows servers. The powerful and flexible platform gives users simple point-and-click control over Windows Server applications including IIS, SQL Server, Exchange 2010, Sharepoint 2010, OCS, Lync and Hyper-V Deployments.

Websitepanel also provides a list of tools/modules to manage different services properly like Awstats, user import tools and whmcs module etc.

Best WebsitePanel Hosting

WebsitePanel is designed purposely for windows server and can only be working for windows hosting service. Till present, there're hundreds of providers use it for their business and the number is fast growing up for competitive service. Arvixe is award winning websitepanel hosting provider for its rich feature plans and superior service. Not only their seamless support to websitepanel software, they provide more than what we expect for website hosting.

Arvixe websitepanell hostingWebsitepanel hosting plan starts with only $5/mo and comes with 20% discount for yearly service deals. Hosting plan provides unlimited disk space, unlimited database plus a free domain name for life.

Check arvixe websitepanel hosting plans at

For every arvixe websitepanel hosting account, customer get dedicated application pools and full trust support. All available features in websitepanel are provided as it is with no change.

  • Multiple domain name hosting opportunity
  • Free domain name registration
  • Unlimited database support
  • Unlimited disk space /data transfer
  • Low cost hosting plans
  • Full accessibility to hosting service
  • 99% server uptime guarantee
  • Websitepanel official certified partner

More advantages can be discovered by your solely experience with their hosting. Websitepanel is only simple support by arvixe hosting and their real advantages are about technical features, server performance and customer support. Always remember, websitepanel is only the software for hosting service management and what we really purchased is the real hosting service and the standards to charge a good hosting is always about performance and support.

More about Websitepanel

1. Ability to manage hosting account sign up & Activation as well as suspension, range from standard hosting account, domain account, reseller account. you can manage all stuff under one place.

2. Billing integration, manage third party billing system can be integrated with Dotnetpanel such as whmcs.

3. Website IIS settings, space & bandwidth analyzation and log illustration.

4. Security, websitepanel allows you log all user login activity and track any account change such as profile update and other sensitive changes.

Websitepanel is offered by light weight windows installers. The setup and configuration is pretty straight and fast. Just click through the guidance and the installer will setup everything on your server.

Websitepanel open source

Before this name, websitepanel was popularly known as dotnetpanel. In 2011, dotnetpanel revised all codes and jumped from a paid software to open source “free” software! Dotnetpanel is renamed to "websitepanel". Since then, the microsoft group even started to support the project. No matter if you want to manage a dedicated server or hosting services or customize your own control panel, websitepanel is the ideal solution you can benefit from.

Websitepanel vs Plesk

Websitepanel and Plesk are probably the only choice for windows hosting control panel solution if you don't have your own. But which is better considerring both friendly and powerful? Plesk is actually the best before websitepanel goes free. Being the earliest control panel solution, plesk is almost standard choice for all windows hosting providers. However, it' doesn't mean websitepanel is bad software. Instead, after going open source, it's supported by more and more communities and received huge improvement comparing to the old paid version. The newlest release is actually looking better than plesk panel.

Their real difference is on product support. Plesk is licensed software and supported by a dedicated support team. We can get quality customer service if we got into problems in using it, because we paid it! On the other hand, websitepanel can be supported by everybody in the community. We can also get fast response over problems but it requires us be knowlegeable over and programming. It means who uses this software must be tech powerful.

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