Does Godaddy Really Suck?

does godaddy suck

Does godaddy really suck? Or what is actually bad with godaddy services? Whenever somebody request hosting recommendations in web forums or discussion boards, godaddy is always suggested to avoid. Also, whenever there's a service problem posted, people will suggest to move. How and why?

Godaddy Cons from professionals review

Godaddy sucks for what? Here're summaries from professionals in various web forums and blogs

Unstable server
There're many restrictions for godaddy servers and always not working properly with your programs. For example it's hard to configure mail server in coding and it takes forever to load the application sometimes.

Lack of support
You can't always get in time response after submitting your requests. Godaddy can be contacted only via phone & email support but not everybody like the way offered. Most people would prefer live chat support for instant response on sales and tiny issues.

Unfriendly control panel
Godaddy developed their inhouse control panel software other than industry leading choice such as cpanel and plesk. The bad is not everybody could be familiar with it in short time.

Above points are always mentioned for why to avoid. There are obviously many other stuff being complained for GD services but they're more or less related to the above big topics.

Godaddy Pros

Well, regardless how many people try to avoid the godaddy, we have to accept the trueth they're being the largest and probbly the best domain registrar in the world. Being the industry leading player, godaddy configured top lorch servers and management systems. DNS updates on godaddy end is almost instant while it always takes hours or days from other service providers.

As about their hosting services. I have to say they probably just offered too much via low priced plans. Previously we can get free hosting if we register the domain on their end. It's absolutely a good opportunity for people who just want to practise with hosting and web designs. Via several bucks per year we can test out most features under a regular hosting service. For paid hosting, people might take it as dedicated server for the great amount offers and finally run into problems. It's really not the problem of godaddy.

For now, both windows/linux hosting plans are same priced(for shared and VPS server). No other hosting groups could give out such advantages at the moment.

How do we think about godaddy hosting

Being one of the largest hosting providers in the world, Godaddy serves tons of personal and enterprise websites. To serve the big amount clients, they developed leading management programs to have all services handled properly. From traditional hosting to cloud server, godaddy have everything on hand. It's quite normal to see both negative and positive comments to their service. With our experience, happy customers are always quiet, unhappy clients are more active on the web. Unless it's your real experience, you can't refuse the great offers. Just go ahead and try out yourself since it only costs 2 bucks per month!

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