Top 10 Largest Web Hosting

top 10 largest web hosting

There're thousands of web hosting providers on the globe and the number is increasing everyday. If you're new to this industry and would like to sign some service plan for website hosting purpose you would be confused which one to deal with. Although there're many quality service companies and many online tips about how to search the right service provider, In this article I would like to introduce the world's Top 10 Largest Web Hosting

Standards of the largest web hosting

This should be an interesting topic because there's no much existing information. When talking about the largest, it's referring to the company business size, number of hosted websites, number of working staff as well as their general reputation on the web. Another important point is the list we're going to give out is mainly for shared hosting, other features such as domain registration/datacenter service are not included.

TOP 10 Largest Web Hosting List

Here is the 10 list generated by our comparison and rating: Godaddy, 1and1, Hostgator, Bluehost, Hostmonster, EIG, UK2, Dreamhost, Xinnet, Hichina

Top 10 Largest Web Hosting Introduction

Godaddy  — This name is absolutely qualify for LARGE in any terms, either from domain registration or domain hosting, godaddy is always the number one. Being the largest domain registrar on the planet, godaddy is serving more than 10 million US clients and millions of other world wide clients.

1and1 — 1&1 is another big web hosting company on the planet who can offer cheap and various hosting plans as well as domain registration. This is also one of the oldest companies in the industry.

Hostgator — Hostgator is relatively new comparing to other webhosts in the list but it's definitely one of the fastest growing service because of their super stable server and customer support. Hostgator is also the largest reseller hosting provider.

Bluehost — Bluehost and hostgator are always recognized as to of the industry leaders, over 20,000 new sales per month is the strong aproof of their ability.

Hostmonster — The partner company of bluehost and managed by the same founder, the number of hosted websites and clients are same level of bluehost.

EIG — Hard to describe this company as it's not a directly hosting brand but managing over half hundred other web hosting brands! their business growing is mainly based on acquisition over other existing hosting service. Some popular hosting brands such as iPage, iPower, fatcow and justhost etc are all managed by EIG company. You can read this EIG hosting to learn more.

UK2 — UK2 business is mainly in Europe for domain registration and hosting. Their business growth is much the same as EIG. The famous hosting company Midphase got merged into their business if you still think they're independent hosting.

Dreamhost — Dreamhost is famous for it's affordable and stable web hosting plan since from their business start. People love it also because of their big discount on holidays. Dreamhost also manage another hosting brand called thinkhost.

Hichina — The largest hosting provider and domain registrar in China. It's also the oldest web hosting provider in that area. Based on lots of local requirements and huge impact, Hichina is managing over half web hosting business of China.

Xinnet — Part of alibaba group and the second largest web hosting provider in China. Actually, xinnet and hichina are growing neck by neck because they're mostly trusted by Chinese people since very few China hosting providers be able to setup their own datacenters.

Should We Go these Hosting Provider?

Well, I can only say everything depends. Yes, you can trust all of services above because of their huge business on the planet. Although the above companies currently listed in top 10, you should also note they all have many competitors and they're growing super fast, it's hard to say if there will be any change of the list in next year. The web hosting industry is full of chanlege.

Sometimes a smaller company could also serve you well or even better because they are caring about their business growing very much in order to get better reputation. For example, and Inmotion hosting are not in top 10 or even top 20 largest hosting list but they're still loved by millions clients for excellent services.

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