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Looking for high performance and super reliable vps server? If you're evaluating multiple server plans with similar offers, SSD support should help with your quick decision. You might pay a little more for the service but it absolutely gives back more value for its leading performance. This article will guide on how to select the best SSD vps hosting service.

SSD disk comes with fast reading speed and powerful fault-tolerance abilities. Comparing to traditional HDD, SSD is 10 times faster from production testing with much longer life time. SSD has approved its unbeatable advantages once and once again from enterprise solutions. However, not too many hosting servers are SSD based because of the costs and less requests from clients. With the modern website requirements from users and search engine, performance is considered more and more thus lots of people start to consider this support. But the truth is most hosting servers are still HDD configured. Here I'd like to introduce one of the most reputable SSD vps hosting provider – A2 hosting.

A2 hosting might be not so popular as every other hot names like hostgator and justhost, but it's absolutely one of the most developer friendly hosting providers who can provide various custom supports to every hosting plan. A2 hosting group currently provides shared, vps, cloud and dedicated hosting solutions with support for almost every available server technologies. It's also one of the very first hosting groups with SSD support.

A2 SSD VPS hosting plans are fully customizable based your requirements. Following is quick view of their advantages

Blazing fast SSD VPS server

A2 group actually provides both SSD and standard hard drive support for their vps servers. All hardwares are newly production by industry standards. Their SSD vps server guarantees up to 300% faster on page loading. For those who have extremely high requirements of website performance and availability, SSD is a MUST and A2 provides the best choice.

a2hosting ssd server

Fully customizable server setup

At A2 hosting, you simply design a perfect SSD VPS server by yourself. You just pay the resources you wanted for zero waste. You decide the server RAM, space and bandwidth. You also have a variety of linux OS choice including CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Gentoo and Slackware.

Free A2 Installer

The most outstanding offer by A2 vps hosting. A2 quick installer will auto install the most popular developer softwares with its exclusive resource. Just select the service you want to use and everything will be auto configured with no headache. You no longer need to deal with those boring and challenging work in order to configure a proper service. Unlike the app installer in cpanel like softaculous or fantastico, the A2 quick installer is simply a gallery of all server level service like web server, mail server and most development tools. Following is a list of popular softwares from this installer

  • Application Servers. Includes LAMP stack, MongoDB, Tomcat, Nginx, MariaDB and more.
  • Frameworks. This includes Django, Node.js, Grails and turbogears etc.
  • Version Control. SVN, Git and mercurial included.
  • Control panel. ISPconfig, Ajenti and zpanel included
  • CMS/CRM. Some popular website softwares like wordpress, joomla, similar to app installers in cpanel.

You can also install other popular softwares like OpenVPN and Asterisk based your preference. So basically, the A2 support group has prepared everything you might need and simplified the deployment process on behalf of you. Till present, there's not another server provider managed to do so.

Very affordable price

You don't have to pay a lot in order to use SSD vps server from A2 group. If you want to try out first or just want to see how it works, the initial payment after discount is only $13.19/mo. Because you decide all server configurations, the server cost is 100% under control. You can determine the best server configuration by affordable costs.

Refer to this page for quick review of a2 hosting plans and sign up a2 ssd vps server for 34% discount today!

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